Balenciaga Has Released A Third Expensive Shopping Bag Lookalike

Balenciaga, Shopping Bag, Ikea, Accessories
First it took inspiration from Ikea, and now it's looking a little closer to home

It would seem that the heads of major fashion brands are having us on a little bit at the moment. For example, last spring, Balenciaga released a Dhs5,410 shopping bag that looked identical to Ikea's Frakta bag that you can pick up in store for just Dhs3... 

And then Prada went and released a paper clip-inspired money clip for Dhs655, followed again by Balenciaga who released a tote reminiscent of its own in-store shopping bags that retailed for Dhs4,000 - and it immediately sold out. 

Clearly on to a good (?) thing with these tongue-in-cheek accessories, Balenciaga is trying its luck once again with a brand new shopping bag tote that was released this week.

Coming in at a higher price than its previous bags - this one retails for Dhs6,756 - this tote is an exact calf-skin leather replica of the paper bags used in-store, complete with leather handles and silver hardware. 

The bag is still currently in stock on Colette's website, so we suggest adding to cart quick smart before it inevitably sells out. 


Balenciaga, Shopping Bag, Ikea, Accessories