Latin American Chic: Asado Restaurant

Cabrito Asado
Asado's slow-cooked baby goat has thrilling flavours
The ultimate dining experience that marries culture with flavour to bring an authentic taste of Latin America

For a midweek evening, Palace Downtown’s Asado has a weekend energy about it. It’s filled with lively groups of friends where hearty dishes of Latin American delicacies swivel on the tables by the minute and the want to get up and dance surges through your body. This seems true to the Latin American spirit and is a promising start.

You’ll love the interiors – a welcoming homeliness with tasteful bare brick walls and a palette of warm crimsons and chocolate browns – but you’ll love the outside space even more. With neck-craning views of Burj Khalifa and front row access to the fountain presentations every 30-minutes, there’s no need for anything else to get you in the mood for a romantic and dynamic dinner setting.

The rustic décor offers a warmly chic atmosphere 

Latin American cuisine is fast gaining traction on our shores. Ceviche, for a start, comes with the wholefood credentials we’re looking for in clean eating and vibrant-tasting food which is something of a cult these days. Coming in a simple white bowl, was the Ceviche de Gambas  – but there was nothing basic about the taste. A sprightly mix of prawns, mango and passion fruit dressing, this starter set the bar high. Followed by a Palta a la Parrila salad, which saw a heavenly and mousse-textured avocado, confit tomato, roasted bell peppers and sour cream pile up, was comfort food redefined with zingy flavours.

Asado's outdoor seating offers uninterrupted views of Burj Khalifa 

Our lovely and pally chef from Peru, hastened to add after every dish was presented that the ingredients are sourced from various parts of Latin America, making the menu as true to the region as possible, setting it apart from other meat laden restaurants in the city.The menu’s strength lies in its meats. We were presented with the Cabrito Asado – grilled baby goat – considered a classic choice and truly encapsulates the essence of Asado. Cooked on a low-fire and charcoal, the goat had the perfect balance of charred softness with full on deep earthy flavours, enhanced by sharp hits of capsicum, homemade vinegar and olive oil. With goat, it can be hit or miss – a miss when pungently goaty in taste and smell and a hit when subtle and silky. Their Argentinian rib-eye steak (Ojo de Bife) is first rate, especially if you do as locals do and opt for it to be cooked on the medium-rare side. The 280g hunk of steak took up much of the plate and was as easy to cut into like hot butter, glistening in blush pink. Steaming sides came in rectangular pots, filled with creamy mushrooms (so moreish it was impossible to not have a mouthful in between steak bites), crunchy asparagus and mashed potato suitably peppered with Latin American herb seasoning.

Asado's menu focuses on hearty meat dishes 

For dessert we were offered two standout sweets: Volcan de Chocolate Con Helado de Vanilla and Panqueques de Dulce de Leche. The former is a chocolate fondant with a creamy scoop of Mexican vanilla ice cream where one crack of your spoon in the middle of the fondant slides out a lava flow of 70% Peruvian cacao chocolate (sourced from the jungle between Peru and Ecuador) and is tastefully seductive, while the latter is a Latin American take on crepes with a thick and creamy dulce de leche filling accompanied by a homemade dulce de leche ice cream that is so mighty rich, it brings much contentment for your finale and leaves you with a smile slapped across your face.

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Cabrito Asado
Asado's slow-cooked baby goat has thrilling flavours