#2017: Team Bazaar Reveal Their New Year Resolutions

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Jan 3 2017 / 18:58 PM

Habits we promise to make and not break

 #2017: Team Bazaar Reveal Their New Year Resolutions
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Starting the New Year off with healthier food and fitness mantras, Team Bazaar are keen to make the most out of the next 365 days. Promising to spend more time reading, relaxing and revisiting old hobbies, here are the resloutions we're pledging to keep...    

Louise Nichol, Editor in Chief:

“Read better. I get through a book or two a week and in 2017 I resolve to ditch the chick lit and stick to challenging, smart and intriguing writers, such as Laline Paull, whose fascinating novel The Bees I devoured in a few nights while feeding my baby. It's a principle I'd like to spread to all media consumption: make that screentime count. No more Sidebar Of Shame for me, promise!”

Katie Trotter, Fashion & Beauty Director:

“My new year’s resolution would be to continue to learn and create outside of my comfort zone.”

Acacia Stichter, Creative Director:

“To focus on what matters and leave behind what doesn’t.”

Rebecca Anne Proctor, Editor-in-Chief, Harper's Bazaar Art:

"Be more grateful for the present and less concerned with the past and the future. Commit to more acts of charity in the local and international community, particularly through work with disadvantaged children on arts projects. See the beauty in every situation and be better at detaching from my iPhone, especially when on holiday."

Alexandra Venison, Digital Editor:

"This year I’m focusing on investing in classic sartorial pieces that will last me a lifetime. Although I’m sure I’ll still be partial to an ASOS shopping spree, I’m aiming to focus my main savings on crisp white shirts and black Gucci loafers."

Paysley Ross, Digital Content Director: 

"I’d love to travel more this year around the GCC. I’m also finally committing to learning fluent Spanish as well as getting my fitness levels up with some regular Pilates classes.” 

Gina Tadros, Arabic Editor:

“I have a whole list of things I want to accomplish this year. First and foremost I want to focus on my family, travelling more with my children Sama and Youssef and switching off my phone as much as possible to spend more quality time at home. I’m also vowing to drink more water (at least a litre and a half per day), have a healthier lifestyle and make the most of my free time by finally getting back to horse riding and spending time with a good book.”