#InstagramHusband Will Make You Laugh

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Dec 10 2015 / 14:21 PM

"We used to eat food, now we just take pictures of it."

#InstagramHusband Will Make You Laugh

In a new satirical video Instagram Husband on YouTube, three husbands discuss life with their wives who want to Instagram literally everything... And it is so real. It's basically the future of marriage, because someone needs to take your cute #OOTD and it might as well be the person who made a vow to love you always and forever. 

It starts with Instagram husband Jeff who says, "Behind every cute girl on Instagram, there's a guy like me, and a brick wall." 

Then we meet Trey, who had to delete all of the apps on his phone to create more photo storage space for his wife. 
Lastly we're introduced to Nate, who is pretty happy about being an Instagram husband. 
The husbands talk about what it's like to have their married life revolve around Instagram, and Jeff says that it's become a big problem. "It takes so long to go anywhere, cause we're always taking pictures of our feet."  
Trey then talks about how they used to eat their food, but now they just take pictures of it. 
Perhaps wedding vows nowadays should be, "In good pics and in bad, with 12 likes or 1200." You know what they say, ~love is patient, love is kind taking one hundred photos until it's ready for Instagram~.