Artist Prizes

BY Katrina Kufer / Aug 6 2017 / 21:05 PM

Sam Durant, Pat Brassington and Mitch Cairns are awarded for contributions to the US and Australian art scenes

Artist Prizes
Image courtesy AAP/Brendan Esposito
Archibald winner Mitch Cairns with his partner Agatha Gothe-Snape in front of his award-winning portrait of the same name

Sam Durant, USA, has won the deCordova Sculpture Park’s $25,000 Rappaport Prize, awarded to established contemporary artists with strong ties to New England. “[Durant] has an impressive record of international and solo exhibitions and a substantial history of scholarly and critical attention,” executive director John Ravenal said. “His thoughtful and timely exploration of social justice and civil rights aligns perfectly with the Rappaport Foundations’ commitment to a better society through supporting leadership in public policy, medicine, and the arts.”

Pat Brassington, Australia, has been awarded the inaugural $50,000 Don Macfarlane Prize, which will be given yearly to senior Australian artists who have made substantial contributions to the Australian cultural landscape. A statement revealed that photographer Brassington is “one of Australia’s most significant and influential artists” and praises her “genre-defining contribution to the field of visual arts, her breathtaking conceptual work, and her commitment to the sector as a gallery administrator and mentor to many artists.”

Mitch Cairns, Australia, is the latest recipient of the $80,000 Archibald Prize, granted to a portrait of a distinguished individual in the arts, letters, sciences or politics. Cairns’ winning portrait is of his partner, artist Agatha Gothe-Snape. “I composed this portrait with love. Agatha and I share everything in our lives; our two-year-old son; our work as artists; and our day-to-day lives,” Cairns said of the Matisse tribute painting. Cairns is a four-time Archibald Prize finalist.

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