Maryam Eisler Presents 'Searching For Eve In The American West'

BY Tanika D'souza / Nov 1 2016 / 13:56 PM

A new collection of photographs captures the primordial significance of Mother Nature

Maryam Eisler Presents 'Searching For Eve In The American West'
Untitled. 2015. Giclee print. 98 x 65cm. Copyright of the artist. Courtesy of Tristan Hoare

London-based photographer, editor, and art patron, Maryam Eisler presents her latest body of work ‘Searching for Eve in the American West’, a collection of photographs that tell a beautiful and sometimes confronting story of the varying landscapes of New Mexico. Whilst working on a major book on American artists and their studios in 2012, Eisler fell in love with the rugged and majestic landscape of New Mexico. Her latest collection is the product of her return to the southwestern state, this time with camera in hand hoping to capture some of the region's magic and spirituality.

The collection, inspired by the wild landscapes of New Mexico and Modernist American poetry by the likes of E. E. Cummings, Sylvia Plath and Elizabeth Bishop, Eisler creates a character on a poetic journey in search of Eve – who according to Eisler is somewhere in between the majestic heavens and Mother Earth.

Through the series of photographs, it is clear that the female presence and the landscape are unified in form and there is an intuitive quality to the figures across the series that recalls the archetypal histories of the desert. Capturing the immensity of geological time and wild space, Searching for Eve in the American West follows in the footsteps of some of the most renowned artists of the twentieth century whilst rendering a mythic landscape with sensitivity and vision.