Ruler Of Sharjah Inaugurates Historical Exhibition At Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Digging into the rich artefacts of the Emirate and Saudi Arabia, the...

In a new exhibition, the Sharjah Archaeology Museum is exhibiting artefacts that were discovered in Saudi Arabia, marking the first time these archival treasures have been brought outside of the Kingdom. The Echo of Caravans: Pre-Islamic Civilisation Sites in Saudi Arabia was inaugurated today by His Highness Dr.

Princess Eugenie's Bridal Party Outfits Featured Artwork By This American Artist

The page boys and flower girls looked like little works of art

Apart from being a full-time royal, Princess Eugenie is also the art director of Hauser and Wirth gallery in London. With such a creative day job, it came as no surprise when she added a hint of artwork to her wedding ceremony on 12 October. 

Ghanaian Artist El Anatsui Believes Art Belongs To The World

The internationally-acclaimed artist, who defied the odds of creating from a...

In the Maxxi Museum in Rome, basking in its gold-coloured aluminum and recycled copper wire, is Stressed World by renowned Ghanian artist El Anatsui. Part of African Metropolis: Imaginary City, presenting a detailed overview of African art and culture on the continent, the artwork was executed in 2011 and is indicative of the artist’s recent interest in ordinary materials, and is one of Anatsui’s rare works with political overtones.

Mazen Soueid's 20-Year-Old Art Collection Covers Over 40 Middle-Eastern And International Artists

The collection of Mazen Soueid features Lebanese and Syrian masters within a...

By now focusing our collection on the work of a few artists, we feel like we’re on a journey with them,” says Beirut-based Lebanese collector, economist and entrepreneur Dr Mazen Soueid. Two years ago, Soueid and his wife Loulia Berbir, an artist, changed their approach to collecting. Their 20-year-old collection of over 300 works encompasses over 40 modern and contemporary Middle Eastern and international artists, covering mostly Lebanon and Syria.

Syria Set To Restore UNESCO World Heritage City Palmyra By 2019

After enduring ISIS attacks since 2016, the city is due to reopen by 2019

The 2,000-year-old Syrian city of Palmyra, once part of the Roman Empire, has become known for the destruction caused to it by ISIS occupation between May 2015 and December 2016, is set to undergo active restoration. UNESCO director general Irina Bokova described the destruction in Palmyra as a “war crime” and an “immense loss for the Syrian people and the world”, reported Artforum.

This Dubai-Based Artist Uses Gold And Jewels In Her Nature-Inspired Paintings

The abstract paintings of Dubai-based Lebanese artist Rowaida Hakim are...

A visit to Rowaida Hakim’s home in Dubai is like stepping inside a magical garden. Even during the hot Gulf summer one can find blooming flowers, mango and lemon trees and all kinds of herbs. “This is my special place, I love nature,” she says as she guides me through the various pathways that circle her home.

The National Portrait Gallery Unveils A New Portrait Of Malala Yousafzai

It is the first in a series of commissions granted to Iranian-born artist and...

The National Portrait Gallery has unveiled a newly commissioned portrait of Malala Yousafzai, the female education activist.

Middle Eastern Pavilions Loom Large At Venice’s Architecture Biennale

There are five participating countries from the Middle East

Embracing the concept of ‘Freespace’ as its primary theme, the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale features 63 national pavilions located at the Giardini and the Arsenale, as well as additional participants in the main exhibition and related architectural and cultural events taking place throughout the floating city.Curated by architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, co-directors of the Dublin-based Grafton Architects, Freespace is

Latvia's Capitol City Celebrates Its Global History Through Art

A new biennial in Latvia’s capital is introducing the country’s cultural...

It’s been 27 years since Latvia’s declaration of independence from the Soviet Union. In that time change has polished the country in a myriad of ways. Curated by chief curator Katerina Gregos, the title of the first Riga Biennial is Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More, a name borrowed from the 2005 book of the same name by Alexei Yurchak.

5 Art Books That Will Immediately Upgrade Your Coffee Table

These tomes from Central Asia to the Middle East are just as beautiful to...



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