4 Art Exhibitions You Can't Miss This Summer

BY Irene Promodh / Jun 20 2018 / 13:59 PM

From a treasure trove of Middle Eastern and international galleries, Bazaar Art uncovers the top 4 shows where you can feast your eyes this summer

4 Art Exhibitions You Can't Miss This Summer

Liang Yi Museum, Hong Kong

Exhibition title: ‘The Blue Road: Mastercrafts from Persia’ - Until 24 June

Curated by Dr Yuka Kadoi and organised in partnership with 11 major public institutions worldwide, the exhibition explores historical and aesthetic elements of the colour blue in Persia and Hong Kong. The show aims to unveil the beauty of Persian decorative art to the Asian world through its display of 94 distinct historical relics that cast light on how the cultivation of lapis lazuli and indigo to create Persian blue textiles led to the formation of the ‘blue road’ network, thereby increasing the global popularity of blue ceramic glazing. The show is divided into six categories according to mediums such as glass, ceramics, textiles, painting and manuscripts, and their effects on the colour blue’s influence in West Asia. Liangyimuseum.comTel. +85228068280

Liang Yi

An 18-19th century bottle from Iran © Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design © Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic

Galerist and Galeri Nev Ankara, Istanbul

Exhibition title: ‘Still Life with a Curtain' (Curated by Deniz Artun) - Until 23 June

Inspired by an ancient Greek tale of two artists, Zeuxis and Parrhasius, caught in a painting duel, this group exhibition reveals still-lifes and realism that echo the deceptively realistic mural that Parrhasius had painted in the duel. This painting, currently preserved at the Hermitage Collection, serves as the basis of the exhibition’s aim to question the transformative role that genres play in modern art. The exhibition honours Paul Cézanne for his role in establishing still-life art as the foundation of modernism, while also serving as a continuation of its nature-culture dichotomy. Through careful pairing of the displayed works, viewers can explore a multiplicity of reflections when they consider two works at the same time. Galerist.com.tr/en. Tel. +902122521896


Nejad Devrim, 'Prinkipo', ca. 1940, Galerist

Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai

Exhibition title: ‘I will build a tall city interconnected by cul-de-sacs’ - Until 26 July

In her fourth solo show at the gallery, Iranian artist Nargess Hashemi presents two collections of her works that display grand geometrical urban plans and small-scale interiors. The show’s various components are interconnected by diamond-shaped cul-de-sacs, suggesting interconnectivity and transparency among people. Through the use of mono-printing, macramé, graph paper and acetate, the exhibition focuses on Hashemi’s personal experiences and her internal struggle with identity and cultural entrapment. Ivde.net. +97143235052


Nargess Hashemi, Untitled (2017). Pen, pencil and gouache on cotton paper. 70 x 100 cm. Courtesy Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai

Galleria D’Arte Moderna, Milan

Exhibition title: ‘Una Tempesta dal Paradiso (But A Storm is Blowing from Paradise)’ - Until 17 June

Part of a collaboration between New York’s Guggenheim Musuem and the Milanese gallery as part of the UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, this exhibition features 13 artists who dwell on themes such as migration, displacement, architecture, geometry and history. They use a mix of mediums such as paper, photography, sculpture and video to explore these contemporary challenges in the Middle East and North African regions. The show combines fiction and fantasy to challenge stereotypes and politicised views of the Middle East and its history. Curated by Sara Raza and titled after an artwork by Iranian artist Rokni Haerizadeh, the 16 works on display collectively attempt to connect the sustained influences of the past to the creation of the present, while encouraging global cross-cultural dialogue. Gam-milano.com. +390288445947


Untitled (Ghardaïa) by Kader Attia (2009)