Art Of Iris: Katya Leonovich

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Oct 27 2016 / 17:22 PM

Art Of Iris at Iris Dubai presents an exhibition by Katya Leonovich featuring her New York City series, 'Movement' and 'Look Up' which pays tribute to the city that inspires her. The debut of the NYC series is part of the bi-monthly art event at Iris Dubai

Art Of Iris: Katya Leonovich
Katya Leonovich.'New York Air Space Museum Inspired 2.' Acrylic on canvas, 122 X 183 cm
Art Of Iris: Katya Leonovich
Katya Leonovich. 'Sixth Avenue & 21st Street NE Corner.' Acrylic on canvas, 102 X 76 cm
Art Of Iris: Katya Leonovich
Katya Leonovich.'Broadway & 20st Street.' Acrylic on canvas,122 X 91 cm
Art Of Iris: Katya Leonovich
Katya Leonovich.'Fifth Avenue & 26th Street.' Acrylic on canvas, 152 x 91 cm
Art Of Iris: Katya Leonovich
Katya Leonovich.'Broadway & 18th Street.' Acrylic on canvas, 122 X 91 cm

Iris DubaiCongratulations on your new collection! What was the inspiration for the New York City series?

Katya Leonovich: This city never sleeps, never stops moving, never stops changing. And yet here I see the history of the world in architecture. And here I see the future of the world.

ID:You have lived and work in a number of places including Russia, New York and Italy. How does moving around influence your art?

KL: Each place I lived has its unique energy. The energy and visual information is a big emotional influence for me as an artist. Each place has its own colors, smells, sky. I love to capture details, rhythm and dynamic of the city . Even the traffic that nobody enjoying can give me the idea of endless moving.

ID: How do you intend for viewers to interact with your work?

KL: I would like to bring them for a tour with my vision of the city that maybe is a bit different from the photo. I would like them to get the image of the city. 

ID: How long does it take you to complete each piece?

KL: Time does not exist while I am painting. It could be couple days, it could be one day, it could be longer if I retouch the canvas.

ID: Which factors motivate your art and creativity?

KL: Art is my lifestyle, it's my way to see and understand the world I am living in.

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