Aziz + Cucher: Time Of The Empress At Abu Dhabi Art 2016

BY Tanika D'souza / Dec 13 2016 / 20:53 PM

Featured in the BEYOND section of Abu Dhabi Art, the exhibition referenced lyrical, meditative and an occasionally sinister artistic perspective

Aziz + Cucher: Time Of The Empress At Abu Dhabi Art 2016
A still from the exhibition, Time of the Empress by Aziz + Cucher

Showcasing new animations and photography works, Aziz + Cucher’s exhibition Time of the Empress (2012) composed of a series of video works that attempt to confront the underlying instability of the quotidian while conveying a political disorder throughout the Middle East. Also focusing on the tension between societal aspirations for progress and history’s cyclical nature; the exhibition explored the notion that what appears to be developing or in flux, will in fact remain static and impervious to change.

Time of the Empress comprised of several large, flat-screen panels suspended from the gallery ceiling and displayed a series of looped animated drawings. The drawings referenced to Modernist buildings, presented in a cycle of continuous construction and disintegration. Including duplicates of the Tower of Babel, through the painstaking animation process these buildings form a sequence of growth and destruction, the fluctuation alludes to the Book of Ecclesiastes that proclaims, “There is nothing new under the sun”, as empires rise and fall, time is transient, and history repeats itself.

Aziz + Cucher, through the exhibition, allowed audiences to perceive and cognize images of the world in their natural form. By manipulating pixels in order to achieve a disturbing atmosphere, the manipulation of visual texture show objects such as bushes, flowers and trees become less opaque and appear almost lacelike and porous.

The works were presented by Gazelli Art House. For more information on Time of the Empress visit