CARAVAN’s Global "Abraham: Out of One, Many" Exhibition Unites All Through Art

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jun 26 2019 / 16:58 PM

Exhibition Abraham: Out of One, Many reminds us that art is a universal language of harmony and unity that can bridge the gap between religious and cultural diversity

CARAVAN’s Global "Abraham: Out of One, Many" Exhibition Unites All Through Art
Courtesy of CARAVAN
Sinan Hussein. The Compassionate. 2019. Mixed media on canvas. 45x60cm

Organised by international peacebuilding, non-profit organisation CARAVAN, global exhibition entitled Abraham: Out of One, Many seeks to free stereotypes and reduce religious division through enthralling works by three acclaimed Middle Eastern, contemporary visual artists from the faith traditions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The exhibition, as CEO and President of Caravan, Paul-Gordon Chandler says, is an “artistic response to the recent rise of both Anti-Muslim sentiment and Anti-Semitism in the West.”

The works portray the inherited commonalities between the monotheistic, Abrahamic faith traditions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism through the shared beliefs that originate from Prophet Abraham. “Today’s climate of increasing prejudice and stereotyping, which has resulted in what some are calling a new tribalism, too often leads to a dehumanizing of the other, whether in worldviews, words or actions,” shares Chandler.

Qais Al Sindy. Welcoming the Stranger (Three in one). 2019. Oil and collage on canvas. 60x45cm. Courtesy of CARAVAN

“And is vital that this escalation of misunderstanding and misrepresentation not become the new norm.  It needs to counteracted by creative initiatives that are based on our similarities and what we all hold in common. More than ever, it is essential that creative demonstrations of dialogue be developed.”

The featured artists include Iraqi-American contemporary artists Sinan Hussein, Qais Al Sindy and renowned contemporary Jewish artist Shai Azoulay.

Shai Azoulay. 
Friend of God. 2019. Oil on canvas. 45x60cm. Courtesy of CARAVAN

The exhibition, which is on show for a global two-year tour, launched in May this year in Rome’s historic church of St. Paul’s Within the Walls, and is currently on show in Paris until 28 July at the American Cathedral. The exhibition will then travel to Edinburgh, Scotland in August and the USA in September, with the purpose of leaving behind a sentiment of peace around the world through art.

“And behind all of this is the belief that the art is a universal language and can serve as one of the most effective mediums to enhance understanding, bring about respect, enable sharing, and deepen friendship between those of different cultures and faiths.”

Abraham: Out of One, Many is on show from 2019 until 2021 globally. For more information, click here