Pakistani Artist Waqas Khan's Second Exhibition Is Anti-Art

BY Katrina Kufer / Sep 13 2018 / 18:29 PM

Pakistani artist Waqas Khan opened History, Memory or Geography on 7 September at Galerie Krinzinger in Vienna

Pakistani Artist Waqas Khan's Second Exhibition Is Anti-Art
Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna

Installation views from Waqas Khan's History, Memory or Geometry at Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna

The omnipresence of the ‘non-image’ is tackled by Pakistan-born and based artist Waqas Khan for his second exhibition History, Memory or Geometry at Austrian contemporary art space Galerie Krinzinger through thousands of dots, bows and lines on paper.

Adopting a technically precise approach, Khan’s detail-oriented method forms netlike geometric structures with intentional imperfections made while he engages a special breathing technique in order to produce an “organic whole”, states Galerie Krinzinger. This continues on from his previous exhibition Acoustics of Life (2015) at the Vienna gallery, where Khan incorporated the same pen-on-paper technique on Wasli paper to create gossamer structures.

Triptite. 2018. Ink on paper. 186.5x249cm.

By presenting existing works, History, Memory or Geometry addresses the “allusive handling of the invisible in culture and the geopolitical neutrality.” The notion that Khan’s muted dots and dashes imply a lack of communication and basis was previously introduced through his first exhibition at Galerie Krinzinger. This current exhibition develops on that idea, however, proposes that a lack of tangible meaning does not indicate there is none, rather, that there are open, endless, invisible interpretations.

Khan received the 2018 NDTV Spectrum Award in transformation in visual arts in Southeast Asia, the ACTA in arts, and in 2013, was nominated for the Jameel Prize.

History, Memory or Geometry runs 8 September-6 October 2018.