Ramtin Zad: The Whimsicality of Dreams, The Boldness of Reality

BY Tanika D’souza / Nov 9 2016 / 22:16 PM

Salsali Private Museum presents works by the Iranian artist at his solo exhibition in Dubai

Ramtin Zad: The Whimsicality of Dreams, The Boldness of Reality
Ramtin Zad. Untitled. From Resurrection series. 2011. Acrylic on canvas. 180 x 180 cm. Courtesy of Salsali Private Museum

As part of the Salsali Private Museum’s programme, in collaboration between the collectors Ramin Salsali and Farhad Bakhtiar with the museum, presents a solo exhibition by Iranian artist Ramtin Zad. Dominated by its fleshy, richly hued and debaucherous qualities, the work of Ramtin Zad brings two-dimensional realities into three-dimensional planes with masochistically claustrophobic compositions that reveal new details each time they are glanced at.

Through his practice, Zad unifies intricately anthropomorphic forms, which are intertwined with one another whilst an altered perspective of dimension creates delicate and phantasmagoric imagery. The Iranian artists ‘more is more’ mentality may appear a visual cacophony, but there is poetry to the madness. As seen through the plethora of visual references that pepper Zad’s paintings, he approaches a canvas the way one enters the mist – engaging instinct to navigate the complex network of thoughts and dissonant sounds that run through his head that are tempered only by his complete willingness to be spontaneous. The result is a body of work wonderfully and simultaneously imbued with and devoid of narrative. A body of work that can be read both as a whimsical dream, recalling elements of Georg Baselitz, or an unsettling nightmare, harking back to Francisco Goya’s darkened panels.

Possessing a freshness and cheek that emphasises his ability to merge heritage with contemporary elements, Ramtin Zad’s artistic universe tests the limits of Boschian influences while maintaining enough restraint to let the viewer finish the picture.

The Ramtin Zad solo exhibition preview takes place on November 13, 2016 at the Salsali Private Museum in Alserkal Avenue