Duke's Design Centre In Amman Hosts 'Sounds of Design'

BY Katrina Kufer / Oct 14 2017 / 13:30 PM

As part of the second edition of Amman Design Week (6-14 October), the centre will showcase Basel Naouri's experimental neon sound installation

Duke's Design Centre In Amman Hosts 'Sounds of Design'
Basel Naouri. Sounds of Design. 2017

Duke’s Design Centre may be a rather innocuous and easily overlooked space in Amman’s old downtown, but it follows founder Mamdouh Bisharat’s (also known as the Duke of Mukhaibeh thanks to a lengthy tale about childhood, ruined barbecues and King Hussein of Jordan) ethos of reinvigorating and repurposing Jordanian materials and preserving its heritage. This small space therefore becomes home to discarded and found objects recreated as artworks in efforts to showcase the ingenuity of local cultural production.

As part of the second edition of Amman Design Week (6-14 October), the centre is hosting Sounds of Design by Basel Naouri. A curtained off, black room is filled with three stands with glowing outlines of palm prints upon which to place your hands to activate the sounds, several abstract and disassembled sculptural forms, and plenty of neon light. The space has the sensation of a phantasmagoric machine interior with artifice galore.

Naouri’s edgy immersive installation is a sound journey through the creative process of three fields of design: Fashion, Food and Furniture. The recordings were made at Nafsika Skourti, Namliyeh and Naouri’s workshop, respectively. A designer and musician, Naouri strives to fuse sound with the “architecture of objects” to add an extra sensorial layer of depth to space, translating behaviours into tangible traces. The aural venture through materials, machines and humans in the midst of the creative process has a low-key aesthetic and accessible subject, presented in a funky but charming façade of glow-in-the-dark silhouettes and a rumbling buzz of city activity.

Amman Design Week runs until 14 October 2017. More information on the programming here.