Weekend In Art: Carroll/Fletcher and Gerald Moore Gallery

BY Anna Brady / Apr 20 2017 / 21:30 PM

Don't miss the chance to view Middle Eastern art in these London galleries showing until 29 April

Weekend In Art: Carroll/Fletcher and Gerald Moore Gallery
Image courtesy of the artist and gallery
Natascha Sadr Haghighian. I Can't Work Like This (2007). Nails and two hammers. 200 x 400 cm.

Group exhibition at Carroll/Fletcher

Exhibition title: Looking at one thing and thinking of something else: Part 4

The final installment of this four-part exhibition focuses on rethinking the way the art world operates. It features works in a wide range of media that reimagine the ways art is produced, distributed and sold. Each chapter has been curated around different themes, and some works appear in more than one installment, albeit it presented in a different context. Included is the work of the Berlin-based Iranian Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Mishka Henner, Eva and Franco Mattes, Manfred Mohr, Thomson & Craighead, Ultraviolet Production House, John Wood and Paul Harrison.

Carroll/Fletcher, London. Carrollfletcheronscreen.com. Tel. +44 2073236111. Until 29 April

Jason Noushin. Batman (2017). Oil, shellac, ink, pencil, turmeric and comic book leaves on linen.

Group exhibition at Gerald Moore Gallery

Exhibition title: The Ocean Can Be Yours

This lyrical exhibition, curated by Janet Rady Fine Arts, looks at the meeting of visual art and linguistics. It showcases four artists’ interpretations of international poetry through an Iranian lens, imbued with Persian visual culture. They explore the traditions of their shared Iranian heritage, but through very different means. London-based Afsoon has produced a sound installation of anonymous voices reciting poems by 12 poets. Ghalamdar, who now lives in Manchester, in the form of ‘calligraffiti’ blending Negar-Gari (Persian miniature drawing), graffiti and calligraphy. Iranian/British artist Jason Noushin, who now lives in Connecticut makes sculptural 2D collages, blending portraiture with English prose translated into handwritten Farsi. Finally, Paris-based Katayoun Rouhi incorporates her own poetry into her delicate allegorical paintings and drawings, laden with symbolism and avian imagery.

Gerald Moore Gallery, London. Geraldmooregallery.org Tel. +44 208 857 0448. Until 29 April