Art Roundup: What To See This Weekend

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Mar 30 2017 / 22:35 PM

Last chance to see two shows of Middle Eastern art in Dubai and Cairo

Art Roundup: What To See This Weekend
Courtesy of Gypsum Gallery
Daniele Genadry. Reflecting on Glass, 2017. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 146 x 202 cm

'Light Fall' at Gypsum Gallery, Cairo

Beirut and Brooklyn-based Daniele Genadry captures the essence of natural landscapes in this series of drawings, paintings and screen prints, inspired by Eadweard Muybridge’s early photographic experiments capturing movement. She is chiefly interested in the visual experience, memory and movement. Her depiction of water in constant motion, as light, lends movement to and breaks up otherwise static images, an inherent feature of photography that she explores through her works. Gypsum Gallery, Cairo. Tel. +201 1006 363. Until 1 April.

Khaled Al Saai

Khaled Al Saai. Saffron Moon, 2017. Mixed media on canvas. 1200 x 100 cm

Image courtesy of Majlis Gallery

‘The Surface and Beneath’ at The Majlis Gallery, Dubai

Syrian artist Khaled Al Saai explores The Surface and Beneath with 33 artworks that illustrate his craft as a calligrapher. Marked by depth and colour harmony, Saai’s mixed media works depict themes of love, freedom, discovery and exploration, among others. The mood of his work is optimistic and free, and he is known to draw on his memories as a child growing up in a family that relished the arts. His greatest win is perhaps his skill in thinly laying one gesture over the other while keeping the distinctiveness of each intact. The Majlis Gallery, Dubai. Tel. +971 4 353 6233. Until 6 April.