Dubai-Based Tashkeel Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Of Annual Summer Group Exhibition

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jun 20 2019 / 21:22 PM

The tenth edition of Made in Tashkeel depicts the creative diversity of the UAE with a plethora of recent works by past and present Tashkeel members

Dubai-Based Tashkeel Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Of Annual Summer Group Exhibition
Courtesy of Tashkeel
Artist Jassim Al Awadhi with his work Abandoned Places. 2018. Photographic print on paper. 120 x 70 cm.

First founded by Lateefa bint Maktoum in 2008, Dubai-based arts organisation Tashkeel provides a collaborative platform for contemporary art and design in the UAE. For its tenth edition, over a hundred recent works by 58 UAE-based artists from 29 countries around the world are on show at Tashkeel, Dubai, until 10 September. 

With the underlying themes of the evolving UAE society, modern food culture and spiritual liberation, the featured works represent the diversity of artistic practice in the region. “Made in Tashkeel plays a pivotal role in opening avenues for our growing community of promising artists and designers,” said Lisa Ball-Lechgar, Deputy Director of Tashkeel.

Badr Abbas. Come Fly with Me. 2018/19. From the series ‘Food for Thought’. Acrylic on canvas. 100 x 120 cm. Courtesy of Tashkeel

“The format of the exhibition enables practitioners from various artistic disciplines to present their distinct and novel works, many of which were created in our multidisciplinary studios and workspaces. We are particularly proud of this year’s edition as we have the highest number of artists from more than 29 countries participating, making this our most diverse summer showcase yet.”

Self-taught Emirati artist, Badr Abbas, represents Emirati heritage using Arab symbols from old and new traditions. He has exhibited in the UK, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and across the UAE. Displayed at Tashkeel are works from his Food for Thought series, in which the artist explores the relationship between modern food culture and old traditions. 

Inspired by Islamic gardens, natural Arabic medicines and healing recipes, on display are works from the Eastern Gardens series by Abu Dhabi-based artist Banu Çolak, exploring the relationship between the past and present. 

Banu Çolak. Eastern Gardens II. 2019. From the series, ‘Eastern Gardens’. Woodcut. 40 x 70 cm. Courtesy of Tashkeel

The group exhibition spans photography, mixed media, textiles, sculpture, calligraphy, painting, textiles and more. Of her work entitled No. 1/2/3 (2019) from the We are Lost series, Iran-born artist Elham Shafaei says, "my recent work is about the idea of loss and belonging where melancholic faces, cuttings and stitches that express the idea of being removed, displaced, transplanted and re-attached."

Also on display is a work entitled Connected (2019) by graphic designers Alia and Maitha Damithan and Founder and CEO of consultancy Hamzat Wasl, Hind Bin Demaithan Al Qemzi. "The poster shows the connection between a bird and it’s owner," says Alia.

"We wanted to challenge the norms of design by adding a moving element and sound to the poster. We connected two different mediums together, print and projection to share a link highlighting where art meets design - a connection between something tangible and intangible."

Anna Shtraus. Driving into the Rain (Burak Dam, Sharjah). 2019. Digital photography on paper. 50.8 x 40.64 cm

Other featured works include Temporary Memory  (2019) by architect and illustrator Ruba Al Araji, Shadow (2019) by Hong Kong-born fashion designer Kay Li, Back to Square One (2018) by multi-disciplinary artist Gosia Van Unen and a photograph entitled Driving into the Rain (2019) by Anna Shtraus.

"Taken in the dried up dam in Sharjah, photographing Driving into the Rain happened to be one of the coldest and windiest days I have ever experienced in my time here in the UAE," says Shtraus.

"While I was battling with the wind and the rain, out of nowhere arrived a car with Emiratis, they all got out and started running around enjoying the rain like kids. Indeed, this was one of the truly unforgettable days in my life and I am happy to have been able to capture it in my image.”

Dhabiya Al Remeithi with her work Refuge. 2018. Photographic print on paper. 96 x 71 cm (each). Commissioned by Abu Dhabi Art 2018 – Beyond: Emerging Artists

Abu Dhabi-based artist Dhabiya Al Remeithi derives inspiration from her surrounding elements. "I am inspired to create a work of art to focus on representing the process of adaptation through different stages of life, and the importance of having a sense of security and stability," she says.

Al Remeithi is famed for her use of experimentation and research in her work to portray themes of the human mind, communication, expression and emotion. Showcased by Made in Tashkeel is her photographic print work entitled Refuge (2018). 

Ruba Al Araji. Temporary Memory. 2019. Screenprint, fluorescent paint on paper. 59.4 x 84.1 cm. Courtesy of Tashkeel

"If you want to know what is happening in arts practice here and now, Tashkeel’s summer exhibition is the ideal opportunity," says Ball-Lechgar.

"Made in Tashkeel has become an annual milestone in the country’s art calendar. It’s a chance for practitioners living and working here to share their work with the UAE public, much of which has been created using the unique range of specialist equipment and facilities we have at Tashkeel."

Selected works will be available for sale, starting from AED 350.

Made in Tashkeel 2019 runs from Tuesday, June 18 until September 10 at Tashkeel, Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai

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