The USA To Open Palestinian Museum

BY Katrina Kufer / Oct 30 2017 / 16:04 PM

Over the coming weeks, Woodbridge, Connecticut will welcome a new Palestinian Museum, marking the country's first permanent Palestinian culture outlet

The USA To Open Palestinian Museum
Palestinian flag

With Ramallah-born Faisal Saleh at the helm, the Palestine Museum will provide the American population with a deeper and more insightful look into the rich fabric of Palestinian culture. “The mission of the museum is to preserve Palestinian history and celebrate the artistic achievement of Palestinians in the US and Palestine and tell the Palestinian story through art and literature and other forms of artistic expression,” said Saleh in a statement.

The institution will coexist alongside the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, which is determined to surpass any preconceived animosity. “We see it as a further opportunity for us to build better friends and relationships between our communities and maybe even more of a cultural exchange,” stated Judy Alpern, CEO. “It’s a great opportunity for us to show what’s possible […] that we cannot just peacefully coexist, living side by side, but we can extend a hand in friendship.”

The non-profit museum will explore and elaborate upon the Palestinian narrative and the enduring challenges and hardships of the 40 percent of the 10.3 million who live on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. “Palestine’s history will be presented through photographs and art,” stated Saleh. “It will not take any political posture and political position on issues.”