Global Art Institution Updates

BY Katrina Kufer / Jun 4 2017 / 19:28 PM

Art museum news from across the globe

Global Art Institution Updates
Photography by Markus Reymann. Image courtesy TBA21, Vienna.
Christophe Bailhache. XL Caitlin Seaview Institute, Vanuatu, 2015.

Tate Britain to rehang collection
With visitor experience in mind, the London-based art museum has announced it will rehang its entire collection by theme and bump up the number of wall texts. With Alex Farquharson at the helm, the initiative will be a reversal of previous director Penelope Curtis’ decision to display the works chronologically with minimal text explanation, putting viewers’ interpretations at the forefront. Farquharson adheres to the belief that context is necessary as it reduces the need for visitors to have prior art historical knowledge. Potential themes could include London as an urban space in the 18th century, or Britain in post-war anxiety, Farquarhson indicated to The Telegraph.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) relocates to Prague
As part of a new initiative, the "most representative" of the over 700 pieces from the Vienna-based TBA21 collection will go on show at the National Gallery in Prague. It’s current exhibition, Tidalectics (until 19 November), inspired by the ocean, will be the final Austria-located exhibition, with formal closure by December 2017. “This will be the last exhibition for TBA21 in this venue [the Augarten] for some time as the foundation is relocating its collection to Prague, following an invitation by the director general of the national gallery, Jiri Fajt, and the National Gallery chief curator, Adam Budak,” said patron, collector and TBA21 founder Francesca von Habsburg in a statement.

Von Habsburg reportedly considered moving the collection to Switzerland in response to what she considers the static nature of the Vienna contemporary art scene, but ultimately selected Prague to deploy a five-year cyclical presentation of the collection as of June 2018. Meanwhile, the TBA21 Academy, an experimental sector that focuses on ecological and social concerns, will relocate to London.