Prize News

BY Katrina Kufer / May 28 2017 / 19:36 PM

Art prize developments from around the globe

Prize News
Image courtesy Frieze
Kiluanji Kia Henda. (Detail) Under the Silent Eye of Lenin. 2017.

Frieze Artist Award
The 2017 Frieze Artist Award and project commission has been granted to Luanda-based artist Kiluanji Kia Henda and his two-part installation Under the Silent Eye of Lenin (2017). Working across photography, video and performance, Henda’s practice addresses politics in Angola. “The bust of Lenin returns to become the central object of an installation and performance piece, where the memories and narratives of one of the bloodiest conflicts in Africa, are molten with the transcendence of witchcraft and the dogmatic dimension of a political ideology,” explains Henda in his artist statement.

The first African artist to receive the annual prize which is now in its fourth edition, Henda will debut the commissioned work at Frieze London later this year (4-8 October).

Roy Lichtenstein Award
The Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA), New York, established by artists John Cage and Jasper Johns in 1963, has announced it will begin granting the annual Roy Lichtenstein Award, part of continued efforts to inspire eponymous artist grants that will support younger talent. “Roy was always both amazed and very happy to not just have a day job but also be able to do his work. This is a great way for an individual artist to get support,” said Dorothy Lichtenstein, the artist’s widow.

The unrestricted $40,000 prize will be offered to a recipient selected by the FCA board, which includes art world figures such as Johns, Glenn Ligon and Cecily Brown.

Nancy Graves Grant for Visual Arts
The Nancy Graves Grant for Visual Artists awards artists an unrestricted $5,000 prize in efforts to support artists who branch out from their primary mediums and produce noteworthy works. The 2016 edition has named Oakland-based photographer Sam Contis and Brooklyn-based installation artist Myeongsoo Kim as the winners, who will use the grant to further explore HD video and CNC routers, respectively.

Prix Marcel Duchamp 
ADIAF’s Prix Marcel Duchamp has announced plans to raise its international profile by collaborating on shows at Whitechapel Gallery, London (dates pending), Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing (27 May-27 August), and the Times Museum, Guangzhou (3 June-27 July).

While Whitechapel Gallery will offer a solo exhibition to Ulla von Brandenburg, a nominee for the 2016 Prix Marcel Duchamp who weaves together dance, sculpture, installation and drawing, the China shows will receive particular emphasis. “Given the increasing interest that the Chinese have for contemporary art, we have long sought to make the Prix Marcel Duchamp artists known in China,” indicated Gilles Fuchs, ADIAF president. Organised by Alfred Pacquement, former director of the Centre Pompidou, Paris, the China shows will spotlight half of the 16 winners of the prize, including artists such as Cyprien Gaillard, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Laurent Grasso.

ADIAF will further increase outreach through exhibitions at the Fondation Fernet-Branca, Saint Louis (10 June-8 October) during Art Basel, and at Hangar H18, Brussels (until 8 July).