Swiss Art Award’s “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

BY Katrina Kufer / Jun 16 2017 / 21:00 PM

With all abuzz in Switzerland, the federal office of culture announced the 28 winners of the Swiss Art and Design Awards

Swiss Art Award’s “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”
Photomontage by Conen Sigl Architekten
Swiss Art Awards 2017. Billboard entrance at Hall 3, Messe Basel.

On 12 June, awards and $25,000 cash prizes were granted to artists and creators recognised for their achievements in the fields of art and architecture, critique, publication, exhibition, products and objects, fashion and textile, graphic design, photography, and mediation and scenography. The annual competition, running since 1899, is one of the nation’s most valuable indexes for Swiss artistic production.

Art: Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, Cédric Eisenring, Anne Hildbrand, Florence Jung, Miriam Laura Leonardi, Tobias Madison, Manon Wertenbroek and Micha Zweifel
Architecture: Rodet & Truwant
Critique, publication, exhibition: Egija Inzule
Photography: Erwan Frotin and Jean-Vincent Simonet
Graphic design: Dinamo, Robert Huber, Johnson / Kingston, Omnigroup and Studio Feixen
Fashion and textile design: Vanessa Schindler, Julia Seemann and Mikael Vilchez
Products and objects: Michel Charlot, Damian Fopp, Kueng Caputo, Bertille Laguet, Sebastian Marbacher, and Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies
Mediation: Depot Basel

Full details on the works can be seen here.

The winning works, including oversized recreations of cigarette butts, giant metal spheres, and video installations, will be on display in a separate exhibition at Messe Basel during Art Basel.

The Swiss Art Awards Exhibition runs until 18 June at Messe Basel, Switzerland. For more information visit