Could This Be The Most Extra Haircare Brand In Dubai?

BY Tally Sargent / Jun 6 2019 / 17:56 PM

With rare and precious ingredients like 24 karat gold, white caviar oil, platinum and diamonds, Miriam Quevedo’s products are as luxurious as haircare can get

Could This Be The Most Extra Haircare Brand In Dubai?
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Stemming from a childhood passion for cosmetics thanks to her mother’s profession in the pharmaceutical industry, Miriam Quevedo was determined to one day make a business of her own. Her love of combining some of the most natural, exotic and rare ingredients together with an innovative blend of peptides eventually led to the creation of her award-winning, sumptuous range of self-named beauty products.

Alongside her hubby (who owns his own cosmetic and research development lab), their leap into creating their own company began with over 35 years of experience already behind them. Aiming to entwine Miriam’s understanding of beautiful, rare and active ingredients together with her husband’s scientific expertise; the high-end Miriam Quevedo beauty brand was born.

Their use of biotechnology perfectly balances both natural and pharmaceutical ingredients, promising the healthiest of locks and hitting the nourishment sweet-spot for any hair type. Featuring much of what you’d expect to be in your dream jewellery collection, the Miriam Quevedo range includes the likes of diamond powder, 24 karat gold and platinum as just a few of the unique components that make up everything from the pre-treatment products and shampoos to their masks and styling sprays.

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A pre-shampoo treatment for the scalp is a key step for healthy hair that most people forgo. On a regular basis, it is important to support cellular turnover and remove build up from product, cells, sebum, and environment. A healthy scalp will ultimately support healthy hair growth from root to tip. The Extreme Caviar Scalp Scrub Mask is rich in cell detox-booster, to detoxify skin cells, Tahitian mother-of-pearl and coral sand, which remove dead skin, and a botanical phyto-active 15 complex to neutralize scalp imbalances. Powerful conditioning and protecting ingredients such as caviar and pro-vitamin B5 add smoothness and suppleness. #miriamquevedo #extremecaviar #caviar #skin #haircare #scalp #scrub #preciousingredients #hairloss #healthscalp #hairrejuvenation

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The Miriam Quevedo products are available online at, and in store at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales across the region, with a skincare and spa coming soon.