Easy A-List Hair Tutorials By The Man Responsible For Hollywood’s Chicest Styles

BY Bridget March / Aug 1 2018 / 13:52 PM

Hairstylist Earl Simms shares his secrets behind some of the most iconic celebrity looks

Easy A-List Hair Tutorials By The Man Responsible For Hollywood’s Chicest Styles
Getty ImagesMike Marsland

There's a reason why we were never able to quite nail Sienna Miller's sleek party waves, or Victoria Beckham’s signature dishevelled bun – because they weren't crafted by Hollywood hairstylist Earl Simms. Until now. Here the brand ambassador for luxury haircare brand, Kerluxe (a.k.a. skincare for hair), and hands behind a whole host of A-list clients, shares his secrets.

1. The dishevelled bun:

The key to acing Beckham's seemingly effortless messy low bun is in the prep; Simms creates body at the crown first and to keep the finish luxe-looking applies the Kerluxe Caviar 4 hair serum elixir. 

2. The modern up-do:

Sienna Miller's nod to Grace Kelly with this perfectly imperfect up-do at the Cannes Film Festival was the ultimate modern take on red carpet hair. Simms says it's ideal to do on 'day-old' hair, but if yours is freshly washed, brush some hairspray though it before styling which will lend your hair added 'grip'. [Side note: We hope you enjoyed Cara Delevingne's classic photobomb.]

3. The undone, done:

The long hair Holy Grail is the undone yet done 'do, as Simms showcases via Suki Waterhouse. He tongs each section of hair in two different directions; the top half away from the face and the bottom half towards it. Quite the trick.

4. A nod to Hollywood:

Everyone needs a nod to Hollywood in their hairstyle files. Top tip: Add less or more of the Kerluxe Multi Tasking 360° hair cream to achieve either a sleek, or super high-shine finish.

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