Dr. Andrew Ordon On Secrets To Looking Healthy, Plastic Surgery's Most Popular Procedures And The Kylie Jenner Effect

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Mar 26 2019 / 13:21 PM

One of Tinsel Town’s acclaimed specialists, Dr Andrew Ordon talks to BAZAAR on the procedure that will change the way you think about plastic surgery

Dr. Andrew Ordon On Secrets To Looking Healthy, Plastic Surgery's Most Popular Procedures And The Kylie Jenner Effect
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Whatever your stance on plastic surgery, getting some form of nip or tuck in Hollywood is as ordinary as getting your weekly blow-out. It’s a notion that has undeniably travelled across oceans and settled itself rather effortlessly within modern Middle Eastern culture. It’s no surprise then that Dubai would present itself as the perfect outpost for one of  Hollywood’s surgeons to the stars, Dr Andrew Ordon.

In town to open Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center (BHSSC) at Valiant Clinic, City Walk, co-host on Emmy-award winning talk show The Doctors, Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon, MD, has become a household name and a leading authority on the topic of cosmetic plastic surgery, and we got the low-down on some of his views. 

ITP Images / Dr Andrew Ordon at the BAZAAR X BHSSCI: A Beauty Talk

Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: Where are you originally from?

Dr Ordon: I was born in Chicago, Illinois to Polish American parents but I did my Plastic Surgery training in both Los Angeles and New York City.

HBA: When did you realize you wanted to get into Cosmetic surgery?

Dr Ordon: I realised early on in Medical School that I wanted to be a surgeon and not a general medical doctor. Plastic Surgery particularly appealed to me for its combination of intricate and artistic surgery that improved the quality of life for my patients.


HBA: What does beauty look like, according to a plastic surgeon?

Dr Ordon: In my opinion, beauty starts from within. It's totally subjective. But if someone is comfortable in their skin, it radiates as beauty. Yes, as a Plastic Surgeon, I have a trained and experienced eye in judging proportions and features. I look for balance and beauty, in each individual.

HBA: What sets BHSSCI apart from other cosmetic clinics in Dubai?

Dr Ordon: I can honestly say that BHSSCI is truly one of the most outstanding clinics for Plastic Surgery, not only in Dubai, but the entire world. It is new and luxurious and boasts all of the latest in technology, safety features, as well as an elite team of doctors and health care professionals. It is a comprehensive clinic that is unique in that we offer overnight recovery, monitoring and pain control. Our level of detail and sophistication is unrivalled.


HBA: What’s the most popular procedures at the moment?

Dr Ordon: I would have to say the natural facial rejuvenation procedures, high definition lipostructuring that create curvy body shapes.

HBA: Do trends differ from the Middle East to the US?

Dr Ordon: Women all over the world want the same thing. America, Europe Asia and the Middle East all are seeking stylish, natural beauty features.


HBA: Who would you consider an ideal candidate for plastic surgery?

Dr Ordon: Someone who is physically and mentally healthy, has reasonable expectations and goals, is doing it for themselves and wants natural proportionate results.

HBA: How is plastic surgery influenced by social media?

Dr Ordon: Studies validate that Social Media is driving our business in a huge way. People are taking more photos and documenting their lives 24/7. People want to look their best and want to change features they don't like.


HBA: With Kylie Jenner being the youngest self-made billionaire with her beauty line, do you agree that beauty and aesthetics are more relevant now than ever?

Dr Ordon: Kylie Jenner is absolutely proof that the beauty and aesthetic markets are off the charts and are continuing to grow worldwide.

HBA: What are your inside secrets to looking healthy?

Dr Ordon: Starting Botox early on, right when you see the appearance of lines, WILL help keep them at bay, not get deeper and even prevent more from forming. Also sunscreen and RETINOL products.


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