Tried & Tested: This Hair Growth Supplement Really Works

BY Gemma Deeks / Nov 6 2018 / 17:30 PM

With hair loss a growing concern in the UAE due to harsh weather conditions and hard water, Bazaar's Gemma Deeks has finally found the answer to healthy, luscious locks

Tried & Tested: This Hair Growth Supplement Really Works

I have always had thin hair, but it was during the summer I noticed how much hair fall I was having whilst washing it. My hair had barely grown for a few years and I was desperately searching for an answer. When I was initially introduced to Kerahealth, I was undeniably skepitcal to try yet another hair growth supplement but was pleasantly suprised after just one month of use. My hair had not only grown a considerable amount, but it was thicker than it had ever been. They must be on to something. I speak to Fay Afghahi, Co-Founder of KeraHealth France to find out more...

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: What made you start Kerahealth?

Fay Afghahi: I have always been passionate about healthy living and using nutrition and supplementation to cure any ailments that my kids or myself may have. Together with my husband, we decided to create KeraHealth in the quest of addressing the root of the problems linked to poor hair health and hair loss. It seems to be an ongoing topic of conversation here in Dubai and indeed the entire world. There seemed to be a gap in the market for a really effective nutraceutical. We wanted to really understand what is it that causes hair loss and how this can be effectively reduced, using naturally sourced, clinically tested, drug free ingredients. We launched in the US back in January and have recently launched here in the Middle East.

HBA: Why is hair loss a problem in the UAE?

FA: Hair loss isn’t just a problem in the UAE through our research it has revered that its a problem across the world! People often put hair loss here in the UAE down to the quality of the water, the fact that people don’t follow a nutritious diet and down to the extreme weather conditions. None of these factors help, but in order to stay healthy, hair needs to receive all the amino acids, or proteins to maintain a healthy follicle and hair structure. Whether you are losing your hair to poor nutrition, stress, hormonal imbalance, illness or simply the ageing process, everybody needs these 18 amino acids to ensure the hair’s growth and healthy structure.

HBA: How is Kerahealth different to other hair loss supplements out there?

FA: Firstly, when shopping for supplements its very important to understand if the ingredients can actually be absorbed by the body, something consumers don’t often know is that many supplements on the market have very low absorbability rates and also contain highly synthetic ingredients. KeraHealth is considered a nutraceutical as its benefits go beyond those of just reducing hair loss. KeraHealth contains our exclusive, patented technology ingredient KerCysteine- which is naturally sourced, drug free and has undergone rigorous clinical tests (on humans not animals!) to conclude its effectiveness. KerCysteine is a highly bioavailble (digestible) source of keratin, keratin constituting over 90% of the hair's structure. By feeding the hair follicle KerCysteine, the root is nourished and strengthened, increasing its ability of retention, growth, thus reducing hair loss and increasing the growth rate of better quality hair. We have designed different formulas for both men and women, due to the fact that the reason behind male and female hair loss is slightly different. Our formulas contain super-antioxidants whose benefits go beyond those of aiding retain and grow great hair, but also have positive effects on cell ageing and general health. KeraHealth will also have a great impact on your skin health and nail strength.

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