Dubai's Lululemon Ambassador Heidi Jones Shares Her Global Summit Diary

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Jun 25 2017 / 18:57 PM

Food, fun and fitness in Vancouver

Dubai's Lululemon Ambassador Heidi Jones Shares Her Global Summit Diary
C/O Heidi Jones

Saturday 22 April

10pm DXB

I’m flying to Vancouver today for the Lululemon Ambassador Summit! I’m feeling excited and kind of intrigued to what I am letting myself in for!

Before I go I need to prep a few flight essentials:

Homemade granola bars, sweet potato bread and a couple of bags of Smith St Paleo balls. I’m definitely going to want to get some sleep over the next 22 hours; I pack my lavender oil and magnesium asparte to help me relax and I’m excited to have the opportunity to finish my book whilst travelling (The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin).

Sunday 23 April

6am Paris Airport

I have a four hour layover, I spend my time eating some granola bars and having a coffee for breakfast, before the next leg of the journey. I am feeling surprisingly fresh! There is a cafe next to the gate, I grab a salad to take on board the flight with me to replace the on-board dinner - I want to be feeling good when I get to Vancouver.


I’m in Vancouver!

Just checked in to my room at the Fairmont at the Water Front and now going out to explore the city (and take in as much fresh Canadian Air as possible!) I wonder what the other Ambassadors are doing, I’m looking forward to meeting them for dinner later.


Ahh! It’s 4:55pm and I’m meant to be meeting the lululemon team in reception at 5pm, it was only meant to be a cat nap! Ok quick splash of water and change into my jeans, lululemon t.shirt and coat (I must remember its cold here!) I head to meet the rest of the International Ambassadors at reception.

Sitting for dinner at a local pizzeria - the Vancouver girl’s favourite restaurant, I’m sitting in awe of the people around me. I meet Yu a Yoga Ambassador who has travelled in from Japan and Samantha an Ambassador from Melbourne (and also a fellow Ultra Marathon Runner), it doesn't feel like a first meeting, feeling relaxed we connect through story telling of where everyone has travelled from.

Lululemon Global Summit


Feeling slightly leg lagged but I also want to get to bed, to the start the lululemon adventure fresh tomorrow morning!

MONDAY 24 April


I’m wide awake and have until 11am before the Summit trip beings. What to do? Go for a run of course! Remember its cold - lululemon winter leggings, long top, gloves and a hat, check! I also try on the new lululemon Enlite bra for the first time. Running along the water front the cold sea air hits my cheeks and it feels fantastic. I’ve taken myself to the other side of the Marina looking across back at my hotel, the city view grabs my attention, I mindfully choose to stop and take in the beautiful surroundings of snow topped mountains, ocean and city skylines. Running back for breakfast, as usual I’m easily tempted by the new surroundings, and I change my route so I’m running through the city’s downtown sidewalks, looking for somewhere to have breakfast.

In such a cosmopolitan city of course I’m going to find a vegan cafe and my much loved acai bowls; the perfect health kick to start my day!


I meet fellow run ambassador Samantha in the hotel and decide to walk into the city and visit the ‘must go to’ lululemon lab design concept store. Everything in the store is limited addition and the clothes are for day wear not specifically for sweaty pursuits. Samantha and I end up buying the same dress!


Just arrived to the Lululemon SCC and the atmosphere is buzzing with the lululemon Vancouver teams and the arrival of the global ambassadors. Samantha and I have made a good connection and stick together, heading straight for a healthy lunch provided by the team (spinach, beetroot, quinoa, tamari tofu - with a handful of chocolate almonds), and sign up for the SCC tour.

Wow- what an incredible place to work - each floor is filled with design, product testing, walls of inspiration, personal development libraries, discussion pods for brainstorming, meetings and decision making, a fitness and yoga studio - which the employees can use during their working day to re-set and revitalise. Office attire - head to toe lululemon. The building itself is super impressive, with three floors of windows and a ‘live wall’ keeping the space full of natural light and fresh air.

I have the opportunity to test a new women’s running product in the testing lab, trying on the product I chose to use the testing treadmill and provide feedback on how it feels - what a job!


Before the bus ride to Whistler I have the opportunity to use the yoga space for a Feelosophy yoga experience. This a gentle yoga movement, focusing on the human touch and connection. While I move into different yoga stretches the yoga instructors massage and touch you, they help you to reconnect with human touch.

The bus ride to Whistler took us along the famous mountainous views. Again in awe, I connect with the ambassadors from all over the world.

Bus snack - x 2 paleo balls.


Arrival welcome at the Four Seasons in complete lululemon style - the Vancouver store educators are dressed in fluffy white dressing gowns, cheering us off the bus with welcome kombucha to celebrate with!

It’s time to meet my roomie and set up for the three days. Feeling super spoilt already, we enter our room to a bag of lululemon products, to test over the duration of the stay. Technical running pants, tops and tanks, all using the latest materials and manufacturing methods that lululemon will be bringing to stores very soon. lululemon fans are going to LOVE it!

We all sit down together, with freshly squeezed juices, to connect before dinner.


Heading down to dinner Eric Peterson, lululemon EVP of Global Brand Programs welcomes us to the summit with a speech to share his inspiration vision for the future.

Dinner is a healthy menu of beetroot soup, salmon, salad and roasted vegetables, served with delicious red grape.

Dinner conversations lead to vision and purpose, hearing this from others is not only motivating, it was emotionally moving. I’m feeling extremely grateful to be on this experience.

The more ambassadors I connect with during the summit, the more I find out about the amazing impact these people are having on the world.

Lululemon Global Summit


Lights out.



I’m up ready for my morning trail run which is being led by one of the Vancouver run ambassadors. I grab a quick coffee and an oat bite before hitting the trails, running through the woods (watching out for grizzly bears!) back in time for breakfast.


Grab and go breakfast of GF bagel and scrambled eggs, I get a quick change and go to yoga led by Janet Stone, a yoga ambassador.


Janet’s yoga session is more than I could ever have imagined. She uses chanting, music, stories and lots of humor to connect the people in the room to the experience. I can say I’ve never had such a positive spiritual experience, it moved me to tears.


Quick turn-around I grab an oat power bar as a snack, and move onto the personal development workshops. The facilitation of this supports me to visualise my own purpose, without being overwhelmed. I am able to support other ambassadors by sharing goals and aspirations and by discussing actions; we come up with ways to make our visualisations reality.


Another quick turn-around and grab-and-go lunch; coconut soup and broccoli salad, I head out for my group hiking activity. Taking in the incredible surroundings on the way to BrandyWines waterfall, I let the learnings and insights of the workshop sink-in. Feeling inspired to connect some more, I get to spend the hike home listening to the story of fellow ambassador Hector Picard, a double amputee x5 iron man, this type of connection puts goals and aspirations into perspective.


Happy hour product feedback meeting - now this is how I like meetings!

Sitting in a Hygge inspired space I get the opportunity to discuss product feedback over green tea and healthy nibbles. The product feedback team actively listens, asks thought-provoking questions and provides the space to say whatever I need to say without judgement or barriers. There is ‘no but…’ excuses, the team take everything said on board and explain with clarity and passion the new ideas for future products coming into store.


Quick turn-around for a family style dinner in the ballroom; salmon, chickpeas and salad and plenty of cheese and crackers! I enjoy listening to former snowboarder Kevin Pearce and his brother Adam share their inspirational story of overcoming adversity. I learn about his not-for profit Love Your Brain charity, supporting people who have suffered a TBI. Again, this is full of love, laughs and heart-warming stories.

Heading to bed at 9:30pm for a bright start tomorrow.



Up bright and early to visit the Scandinavian outdoor spa! I have the option to run, walk or shuttle - of course I choose to run!

The spa is a silent spa for optimal restoration - however when lululemon book the entire spa it doesn't stay quiet for very long! Jumping into an outdoor plunge pool is the perfect way to kick the looming jet leg to the curb! Feeling totally revitalised I head back to the hotel.


I return to the hotel and back into Janet Stones yoga session, she tells a spiritually story, followed with a heart opening yoga session. Bliss.


Straight to lunch; minestrone soup and salad, before part 2 of the personal development workshops.

This time the workshop includes movement. To dig deeper with yesterday’s work we’re being asked to buddy up and walk & talk, discussing what brings and who brings joy into our lives, this totally helps us discover a stream of ‘light-bulb’ moments on how we create even more joy into our day-to-day lives.

Quick refuel; ‘make your own’ trail-mix of mixed nuts, seeds, dried fruit and chocolate chips, before heading into the next part of the workshop. This time heading into the ball room - immediately I can sense some sort of dancing is going to happen! 15 minutes into the workshop and a dance off is taking place and there are some pretty incredible dance moves getting thrown out by the ambassadors! Dancing brings so much joy to so many people, this is a reminder of how simple it can be to bring joy into my life and the life of others.

Regrouping into our workshop groups, it’s time to reflect over what I’ve discovered about myself over the past 24 hours.

We all move into the ballroom and some ambassadors share their incredible stories of overcoming adversity, insights and their learnings from the summit so far. This is incredibly moving, listening to these people I can hear they are speaking completely from their heart with total transparency and authenticity - very inspirational.


Feeling uplifted and ready for some fresh air I walk into Whistler village with a bunch of ambassadors and visit the lululemon store. The store team are fantastic and have been waiting for us with fresh juices, live music and all of our names displayed at the entrance, again feeling completely gratitude for this experience.


The day (and summit) ends with a BBQ dinner; salmon, caramelized mushrooms, vegetable kebabs and chimichurri sauce and red grape. Letting our hair down and feeling completely restored, we spend the evening chatting and dancing as if we were lifelong friends.


Lights out


Heidi's packing essentials

Lululemon Global Summit

(L-R) leggings, Dhs550, Enlite sports bra, Dhs445, shorts Dhs215 all Lululemon