Le Labo Opens Its First Boutique In The Middle East

BY Alexandra Venison / Mar 22 2017 / 16:56 PM

Finding the romance once again in the art of perfumery

Le Labo Opens Its First Boutique In The Middle East

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Le Labo is authenticity. Known as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking brands on the market, their freshly handmade products have garnered fans from every stretch of the globe. With beauty aficionados previously travelling the world to one of their 35 boutiques or shipping in everything from the perfumes to body oils, it was high time they graced the region with its very own store. Located in the heart of Yas Mall, in Abu Dhabi Le Labo is everything we could have wished for and more.

With its own unique design based off the appearance of a perfumer’s lab, the setting is stark, methodical and quite frankly a delight for the senses in more way than one. With a vintage trunk, perfumer’s cabinet and bookcases sourced from across the world you can expect to be transported away from the bright lights of the mall to a world of true beauty and science. A romantic version of science. After all the brand which was created by friends Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot with its roots in Grasse and its flourish in New York follows the old Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi – the art of imperfection. Opening their first store in the city in 2006, the pair who both worked for globally renowned company’s before partnering up decided on a new route when it came to the art of perfumery.

“We saw what was missing in the market when we started, the charming and romantic aspect of the perfumer’s work, which was overcast by marketing” Co-Founder of Le Labo Eddie Roschi

Telling their own story, lead to the development of a brand which prides itself on the true craftsmanship from start to finish of their products. The ingredients are the stars of the show masterfully worked into exceptional products by some of the world’s most successful noses. Taking their range of 15 genderless perfumes as an example, the process begins with a superior ingredient which I then blended with others to create a truly exceptional olfactory experience. Created in a lab and then shipped to the stores, the fragrances themselves are stored in fridges in small quantities to preserve the true essence – an attention to detail, lost with many other brands.

The whole process of visiting the store is a lesson in the Le Labo philosophy. Although it may seem apparently bare in comparison to many of the other stores lining the walkways, the products and history behind what Le Labo does instinctively captivates you. You could spend an hour in the store carefully selecting a fragrance, oil or candle that speaks to you like never before and even when you have finished choosing your desired scent, the journey isn’t over. Having your product personalised with your name on it as the final touch either in print or engraved into the metal, just clearly states their intention of brining the world back to a place where quality is the luxury that matters.     

Le Labo, Ground Floor, Yas Mall

+971 (02) 4 926730