Go Behind The Scenes Of The Dove Real Beauty Pledge With Mario Testino

BY Alexandra Venison / Mar 13 2017 / 19:42 PM

Leading the way in making the world a more beautiful place

Go Behind The Scenes Of The Dove Real Beauty Pledge With Mario Testino

Ever on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place in more ways than one, the Dove Real Beauty Pledge is helping the brand to take another step in the right direction towards natural beauty. With the help of famed photographer Mario Testino the campaign features 30 portraits showcasing a whole range of real women, whilst linking back to the ethos of the pledge and celebrating the brands 60 year anniversary. From always featuring real women and never models to portraying women as they are in real life – so zero digital distortion and finally helping girls build body confidence and self-esteem this is a vow that is helping Dove to continue in its mission in changing the unrealistic ideals of beauty in the world today.

“In 2017, the beauty landscape is wildly different to what it was in 2004 when we launched the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty; however, our commitment to redefining beauty hasn’t changed,” says Dove Global Vice President, Sophie Galvani. “The women and girls photographed according to the Dove Real Beauty Pledge celebrate true global diversity; each has her own unique beauty story and is a true inspiration for women everywhere. We’ve long admired the work that Mario Testino does and his ability to capture the real beauty in women. We are thrilled to work with him as his status and influence in pop culture makes him a valuable champion in helping to make real and diverse beauty more mainstream.”

Testino continued, “I think the idea of beauty in all humans is in our minds at the moment. From politics to culture to human rights. We are seeing different colours, sizes and races being the new models and this is what Dove stands for. I'm lucky enough to be able to travel the world and love discovering new beauty everywhere. I worked closely with Dove and my team at MARIOTESTINO+ in identifying women from around the world whose stories were unique and intriguing. Stories that meant something. We shot the 32 women in LA, London and Delhi earlier this year and then took the portraits into different domains - physical, digital and social. What I found amazing is that everyone is beautiful, it just depends on how we look at them.”

With the women ranging from 11 to 71 and from over 15 different countries with all different body types the campaign is truly inspiring and encompasses every aspect of the Dove Real Beauty Pledge. From Marisa from Iran who is a financial analyst and when she became pregnant found a new respect for her body to the retired medal-winning Paralympian, Vicki from the UK who after losing her legs to cancer changed her own definition of beauty you will soon realise how beauty does come in all shapes and forms. 

Watch the behind the scenes video below: