Dior Breathes New Life Into Your Beauty Routine

BY Alexandra Venison / Mar 13 2017 / 14:02 PM

Get set to embrace a natural approach when it comes to skincare

Dior Breathes New Life Into Your Beauty Routine

Dior looks to nature for their latest collection of innovative skincare products. Delving into the true beauty of both healthy looking and feeling skin, the latest range is set to revolutionise your routine with formulas that pull the optimal performance from the natural ingredients used. Focusing in on the skins flora, the scientists at Dior have carefully mastered the art of minimalism by working with the powers of nature to create Hydra Life.

Seeing the skin as its own living organ, skin flora captivates a whole new approach to skincare with the study of materials recovered directly from environmental studies -metagenomics. Dior science uses natural sources throughout the range which sees a morning cleanser, moisturisers, facial masks and make-up removers take your routine to the next level from day to night.

Every aspect of the new products are set to energise and enlighten what natural beauty is. Although there is a more is less approach to the actual application, results are visually outstanding. It all comes down to balance. From hydration being key come morning, with Sorbet Crème delivering freshness whilst also stimulating the skin's natural defences for the day ahead to the removal of make-up at night where Micellar Water uses the antioxidant power of natural Echinacea Flower extract to rebalance the skin and leave it with a rosy glow.

Although each of the new products play their own purpose within your skincare routine, each shares an ultra-light formula and easy application meaning what was once complicated is now fuss free. Cleverly balanced, the delectable fragrances of each formula also helps to enrapture the whole sensory experience of using the collection. So even the busiest of women can not only indulge in a routine which blends together every aspect of skincare needed in the minimum time possible, whilst also being a conscious consumer.

Aiming to reduce each of the products environmental impact, the collection allows mindfulness when it comes to consumerism to be part of the luxurious experience. Gone are the paper leaflets so often discarded the second the packaging is opened and cellophane wrap, this eco-friendly packaging refrains from using any unnecessary components. Instead, the designers have looked to reducing the weight of the glass used to store the innovative formulas and using inks derived predominantly from nature to print on the casing.

Fronting the campaign two new beauty icons step into the spotlight. The 19-year-old Frederikke Sofie Falbe-Hansen from Denmark and 24-year-old Sora Choi from Korea showcase the harmony of the products and how they adapt to every wearer. Shot by American photographer Cass Bird, the images represent the fresh take on beauty the collection aims to bring into every woman’s beauty routine and life.  

Watch the campaign video below: