Feel The Shock With YSL Beauté

BY Alexandra Venison / Mar 20 2017 / 16:23 PM

As cult classics get a daring new update

Feel The Shock With YSL Beauté

YSL Beauté is known for creating products that’s reach icon status. So when they update the formulas that are so loved by beauty aficionados and mere mortals alike, there’s a lot of expectations they are required to meet. For their latest change up, their Black Opium perfume and Volume Effect Faux Cils mascara are in the spotlight and the new innovations do not disappoint.

Adding a shock to your beauty routine, the team at YSL Beauté have pumped up the volume in both products ready to awaken your senses. On one end of the spectrum, Black Opium is updated with a Floral Shock, blending together the most fragrant of flowers and fruits for a sweet new freshness. From freesia to sugary pear and gardenia to orange blossom, the scent creates a completely new and unique fragrance with the same familiarity of the original Black Opium by maintaining the deep coffee notes.

For the Volume Effect Faux Cils mascara, the brush is the main focal point. Created with the widest brush yet in order to coat the lashes fully in the formula, it’s all about producing some serious volume. The fibre brush with four reservoir cuts ensures that every time the brush hits the barrel it is re-loaded ready to groom the lashes on the next application. With a super intense, thick black formula that melts into the lashes without clumping them together you can apply as many layers as required to achieve your desired effect.