How To Recreate Lucy Boynton's Colourful Eye Make-Up Look

BY Sara AlHumiri / Sep 17 2019 / 15:57 PM

We're so obsessed with Boynton's beauty look, we interviewed the make-up artist who is the brains behind the creation

How To Recreate Lucy Boynton's Colourful Eye Make-Up Look

A new make-up trend has been gracing the runways and red carpets. And one of the first Hollywood stars to make this happen was Bohemian Rhapsody actress, Lucy Boynton. BAZAAR caught up with Boynton's make-up artist, Jo Baker, to get the inside scoop on the Venice Film Festival 'gelato eye look' that we want so badly to re-create.

Jo Baker, who has also painted the faces of celebrities including Paris Jackson, and Julianne Hough, are known for their quirky but bold inspirations. Read on to find out how to recreate this look 

Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: How long have you been working in the make-up industry?

Jo Baker: 15 years. I started in fashion and editorial being so inspired by the diverse and fast eclectic London lifestyle and all the many cultures and people that live there.

HBA: How did you get into make-up?

JB: I got into makeup as a pre teen because … because i loved art but i also was fascinated by faces and expression, so i started to play around with my mums Avon lipsticks and found makeup a vortex of possibilities!

HBA: Tell us your evening skincare routine

JB: Right now I am all about the Post Summer Soothing Calming skin routine as the season starts to change. I've been traveling a lot so my skin is easily irritated and dehydrated from flying so much. I cream cleanse my skin every evening with Weleda Soothing Cream Cleanser, which is so gentle and softening for my skin… followed by Soothing Almond Facial Oil by Weleda; also to lock in hydration and give my skin an overnight repair and calming treatment. On my eyes I have been using Chantecaille Stress Repair Concentrate Eye cream as it seems to fade the daily squint lines and has a radiant and depuffing effect!

HBA: What are your 3 go-to products (the ones you couldn’t live without)?

JB: Nars Radiant Concealer for that dot of concealer that will go the distance,  Hope Gillerman Essential Oils (for daily and great for traveling)  and Chanel Water Fresh Tint Base which I am the biggest fan of!!! For skin that looks healthy and improved with a formula that glides on like a serum not a foundation at all- its foolproof and invisible to the naked eye! A dream product.

HBA: Who are your make-up-artist inspirations?
JB: Kevyn AucoinPat McGrath and Val Garland have always been my makeup masters. Also my Brit chicks Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury for their ability to evolve in an ever changing industry these two bosses have remained at the top of the game and continue to build their platforms and bring out some of the most innovative products on the market.

On Lucy Boynton’s makeup at the Venice Film Festival…

HBA: Did you decide the makeup look before or after consulting the stylist & seeing what she was going to wear? – What came first, makeup or outfit?

JB: Outfit always comes first...Leith Clark (Lucy's stylist) is a genius - I love her aesthetic and vision for Lucy.. thankfully she trusts and encourages me fully to play and have fun and create something magical that enhances the fantasy of fashion which is a dream for me.

HBA: What inspired this makeup look?

JB: Genuinely…the gelato in St Marks Square in Venice. You can’t get away from it - these delightful displays of magical ice cream colors are so inspiring and whenever I travel I am always majorly influenced by my surroundings.

HBA: How much involvement did Lucy have in creating the look? Was it your idea, or does she come to you with an idea?

JB: It was my idea although she very much collaborates and adds her thoughts and opinions. We get wide eyed and really love playing dress up together.

HBA: What products did you use to create Lucy Boynton’s Venice Film Festival look? 

JB: I used cream eyeshadows and pressed matte colored eyeshadow on top…I particularly like using Chanel Eyeshadow Primer as a base which helps any shadow adhere and stay in place without compromising pigment or durability. I used Sisley So Volume on her lashes for a full and robust lux lash look!

HBA: What was the best thing about creating this look & what was the hardest?

JB: It wasn’t hard at all, it was simple and happened very fast. Because of my art background.. I consider an idea and always want to execute it quickly and simply because that is when looks often come out the best.