Instagram Takes A Stand Against Face-Altering Filters

BY Shivani Mathur / Oct 24 2019 / 13:48 PM

The social media giant is banning filters that mimic the effects of plastic-surgery...

Instagram Takes A Stand Against Face-Altering Filters ,

Instagram’s face-altering, plastic surgery-inspired filters have been a cause for controversy since they were introduced. In a world where insecurities are already heightened, these popular Instagram filters are further aggravating the problem as they tend to inadvertently promote unrealistic beauty standards.

Spark AR, the company behind majority of the filters that modulate features and face structure released a statement on Friday stating that these filters would be discontinued. While the names of which filters would be included in this purge have yet to be disclosed, we predict that the ones to most likely be included are Plastica,  Bad Botox and Fix Me,.

A larger movement to alleviate the toxic effects of Instagram is clearly on the horizon, this isn’t the first incident this year where social media was policed on grounds of promoting toxic, unnatural standards of what beauty should ideally look like.

Recently, Jameela Jamil’s campaign I Weigh managed to make enough noise about the dangers of promoting weight loss products to adolescents and children, putting enough pressure on Instagram to restrict posts that promoted weight loss products and cosmetic surgery.