Kim Kardashian Goes Make-Up Free At Balenciaga

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Oct 3 2016 / 06:37 AM

She's wearing very little, but this time on her face

Kim Kardashian Goes Make-Up Free At Balenciaga

Let's face it, Kim Kardashian is no stranger to going nearly naked while seated front row during fashion week. There's almost nothing left she can do to shock and awe. Except this: at today's Balenciaga show, the queen of contouring decided to go totally make-up free.

Kardashian tweeted about her plans to go bare-faced earlier in the day, but we're shocked she actually went through with it.

It's not that she needs the mask of make-up (none of us really do), but we've become so accustomed to seeing Kardashian in full-glam. But the barely there look is a nice change of pace for the star, especially paired with her sleek hair and nude ensemble. It's a reminder that under all that artfully placed highlighter is true, natural beauty. And okay, there is probably a lot of crazy-expensive face cream on her face in this photo (we don't expect her to go totally bare). But maybe this is the start of a strobing-free, Alicia Keys era for the Kardashian family? Only time will tell. But if Kim Kardashian is now embracing the no-make-up movement, then it's safe to say that it is officially mainstream.

Via Harper's Bazaar US