Tom Ford Beauty Goes Green

BY Alexandra Venison / Jan 16 2017 / 20:25 PM

Launching three new fragrances for his Private Blend Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Goes Green
Tom Ford
Private Blend Collection, Les Extraits Verts

Tom Ford has looked to the ‘green’ note in the world of perfumery for his latest creation of three fragrances. Entitled Les Extraits Verts the trio of unisex scents, join the Private Blend collection and as expected are as elegant and luxurious as their predecessors. 

As would be assumed Ford doesn't opt for the usual light variations others often look to. Instead he has been inspired by the decadence and allure of the 70s, injecting this into the layers of ubiquitous ingredients. 

First up Tom Ford Private Blend Vert Bohéme is perhaps the most floral of the bunch, whilst still remaining full-bodied. As the name would suggest Ford created this scent with a free spirit in mind, blending together citrus notes alongside the honeysuckle, magnolia and violet to only name a few. 

Capturing the woods in their most expressive form, Vert Des Bois is innovative in its use of ingredients using the extract from the unopened buds to bring to life the scent. Furthering the olfactory experience olive tree leaves and ply infuse the fragrance with even more depth, with white floral notes resting at the heart.

Tom Ford Private Blend Collection Vert D'Encens

Looking to the Corsican Coast, the final fragrance Vert D’Encens is for those with a woodier inclination. With smoky incense meeting pine resin and unexpected notes of lavender and basil furthering the distinguished and somewhat wild fragrance, this scent manages to perfectly reflects the nature that inspired it. 

As with the other fragrances within the Private Blend Collection, Les Extraits Verts are presented in their very own signature Private Blend bottles. Having been inspired but the brown apothecary bottles of the past, the bring forth the exquisite and expert craftsmanship.

The Private Blend Collection, Les Extraits Verts will be available from February 2017 across the Middle East in Tom Ford Boutiques and Beauty Counters.