Chanel No.5 Could Soon Cease Production

BY Alexandra Venison / Dec 5 2016 / 14:59 PM

Chanel is clearly not on board with plans proposed by French Rail

Chanel No.5 Could Soon Cease Production

It appears Chanel may need to change its train of thought when it comes to its famed perfume Chanel No.5. The fragrance, which has been around for over ninety years, could soon have a change of formula if a new railway line that has been proposed by French Rail network SNCF is approved. 
The multi-billion dirham line would significantly cut down the travel time between Marseilles and Nice, however its implementation would wipe out fields of flowers that belong to the luxury house and are used to create the iconic scent. Chanel has responsed to the plans, saying, “The construction of a viaduct and the regular passage of high-speed trains over these fields of flowers" would force the company "to cease supporting its artisanal activities in the region."
Moving the fields to a new home would be catastrophic for the brand as the new conditions, particularly given that every 30ml bottle of Chanel No.5 contains 12 May Roses and 1,000 jasmine flowers, whose scent and compostion would undoubtedly change in a new environment. 
Here's hoping these plans get derailed before we need to find a new iconic scent.