What You Need To Know About The Huda Beauty Highlighter Palette

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Mar 20 2017 / 13:35 PM

Are you ready for the "melted strobe"?

What You Need To Know About The Huda Beauty Highlighter Palette

Beauty's hardest-working businesswoman and former Bazaar cover star Huda Beauty is set to shake-up your make-up bag once again with a new launch (rumored to be in April) that promises to give you a gorgeous, reflective glow in four quick steps. Here's why she's set to release a game-changer... 

1. The palette comes in two different shades to suit cooler and warmer skin tones

Huda is never one to do things by halves. Whereas most highlighting formulas come in either a silver or gold pigment, the Dubai-based entrepreneur was keen to "push the boundaries" and create more universal tones. With this in mind the Gold Sand palette was formulated with colours that compliment warmer skin whilst the Pink Sands shades was formulated for beige, cool-toned skin, but as the make-up artist points out, you can use either colour collection depending on what look you are going for. 

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2. The 3D highlight technique takes four steps to complete

As demonstrated by Huda herself, the four shades in each palette can be used as individual highlighters but will give you the most prominent glow when used one after the other. First, the melted strobe shade is applied to the shelf of the cheekbone in dabbing motions, then the bronze-tinted colour is placed underneath to add a contrast and bring the highlight forward. The deeper shade of the original highlight is then placed directly under the melted strobe and blended into the skin by patting with a brush to add a sculpting effect, contouring your highlight. The rose petal pink is then swept between the two colours to diffuse any harsh lines and add a luminous flush to the skin. Each of these steps allows the highlighted areas to pop substantially more than just the standard sweep of shimmering powder. 

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3. The formula is infused with shea butter and pearls

Huda aimed to created an "inner glow" rather than a chalky, glitter-heavy highlight by infusing her powders with shea butter, which is rich in vitamins A and E, so the product melted onto the skin, this is directly inspired by a trick she has been using for years to help her highlight pop by mixing a shimmering powder with her favourite essential oils. It wouldn't be a Huda Beauty product if it didn't have a glamorous edge so the make-up artist also used pearl powder within the formula to give her product an authentic, incandescent finish. 


4. Each palette is multi-purpose 

Whilst the instructions on the product walk you seamlessly through Huda's recommended four steps to the perfect glow, she does encourage her customers to explore the versatility of the formula. Confessing that she likes to place the melted strobe shade on her collarbone and shoulders for that extra sun-kissed pop, the large pans of powder also allow you to dip in with a larger brush and fan the product over any areas you feel might need an extra sparkle such as your legs or chest. 

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5. The packaging is as blinding as the formula

Featuring Huda Kattan herself, the cover of the Pink Sands collection showcases a blonde-yet-bronzed Huda with a holographic highlight whilst the Gold Sands palette features the make-up artist with the same gorgeous glow and her signature honey brown hair. Inspired by "girls who love to sunbathe in exotic locations" each shade is named after a vacation hotspot including Capri, Santorini, Ibiza, Azores in the cool-toned palette and Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti and Zanzibar in the Gold Sands collection. 

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