YSL Beauty Is Changing The Tech Game With Its Instagram Magazine

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / May 10 2016 / 15:35 PM

Better warn your credit card...

YSL Beauty Is Changing The Tech Game With Its Instagram Magazine

The blindly swiping and simple double tapping days of Instagram may soon be over if YSL Beauty has anything to do with it, with the innovative beauty label launching the first ever Instagram magazine: Dare & Stage

How can Instagram also be a magazine, you may ask? Well basically, each week YSL Beauty choose a theme and then turn their Insta feed into a whole mish-mash of stories and columns, featuring a bunch of innovative writers, artists, bloggers, designers, photographers, muses and more. 

Separated into two sections, 'le flux' and 'le stock', Dare & Stage will present both a beauty products feed while also sharing beauty stories, all within the constructs of your classic magazine style, from cover to cover. 

So far the themes have been based around both beauty and strength, with their first issue drawing on the YSL Beauté Woman concept in line with 2016's International Woman's Day. Beauty and activism? Yes please.

To make our lives much easier (though potentially more dangerous for our credit cards), the magazine is shoppable too, so you can now click and buy straight from their Instagram feed. 

So what can we expect in upcoming issues? According to YSL, we'll see everything from backstage scoops to beauty tutorials, which sounds pretty good to us. We have a feeling this is just the start of the Instamag.

Check it out at @yslbeauty

Via Harper's Bazaar Australia