Iridium Spa, St Regis Dubai

BY Alexandra Venison / Apr 6 2017 / 21:01 PM

Taking relaxation to a spiritual level

Iridium Spa, St Regis Dubai

The Spa

When it comes to understanding the concept behind the Iridium Spa, you have to comprehend the meaning of its name. Literally translating into ‘of rainbows’ from the Greek mythological goddess Iris who used to manifest as one, you can truly get a sense of the enchanting vibe you will find throughout the spa. Featuring a whole host of indulgent treatments, Iridium spa goes that little bit further when it comes to pampering and delving into the art of clearing and cleansing the mind, body and soul. From facials to massages and scrubs you will find every treatment your body requires, however, if you are looking to explore further then you have come to the right place with their impressive and list of body specialities.

The Reception 

The Treatment

Having tried out many different massages before, it was time for something a little different. With the current movement in healing crystals, the Crystal Radiance Massage instantly drew our attention. After arriving at your private therapy room and following a cleansing foot ritual, your attentive and highly informative therapist takes you through the process of choosing your plant essence and crystal. Clearing your mind you smell each of the seven Australian plant based oils, picking the fragrance that resonates most deeply with you followed by the ancient healing stones. For sceptics, this may seem trivial but if you focus and open your mind, it really does work – trust us. Lying down on the heated bed you are treated to a rhythmic massage, which uses the stones to realign your chakra (the spiritual power within your body) tapping them along the length of the body. Although slightly bizarre the whole experience is as relaxing and rejuvenating as any other, just with an added sprinkle of harmony.   

The Therapy Room 

The Verdict

Entering this massage we were open-minded yet still dubious. However, after choosing the oil for stress and the stone for stress (yes the world of fashion and beauty isn’t as glamorous as it seems) and having both our mind and body fully encompassed within the experience, we left without any doubt. Yes, the massage was fantastic ridding us of any knots and aches we went in with, but it was our mind and inner tension that really felt the positive effect. It was little moments throughout the following week that showed the true power of the experience, with all the little stresses of daily life passing by with much less of an effect they may have previously had. With an overall sense of wellbeing and yes a sense of our inner chakra being aligned this is a massage we’ll be back to try over and over again.

The 90-minute Crystal Radiance Massage, Dhs850, book here or call +971 (0)4 435 5500