Summer Spa Escape: Relax And Unwind At The Address Boulevard

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Jul 18 2017 / 19:17 PM

Bazaar checked in to the newly re-launched hotel for some peace, quiet and much needed pampering

Summer Spa Escape: Relax And Unwind At The Address Boulevard
A treatment room at The Spa
Summer Spa Escape: Relax And Unwind At The Address Boulevard
The Experience Shower and Ice Fountain
Summer Spa Escape: Relax And Unwind At The Address Boulevard
Hammam at The Spa

Immune to the over-the-top interiors trend that Dubai hotels have long been subscribed to, the newly re-launched Address Boulevard, next to The Dubai Mall, is a contemporary, serene hotspot that boasts beautiful artwork, modern decor and a spacious spa. Sprawled across an entire floor, the wellness and fitness retreat has found its niche with a selection of tailored treatments and amenities that go above and beyond the usual regional spa scene. 

The entrance

The modern entrance area at The Spa, The Address Boulevard

Ensuring each experience is more of a journey, not a ritual, when Bazaar stepped into the spa we were greeted with a lavender-infused water and cold towel as a relaxing welcome before being escorted to a private changing area (complete with showers and a dedicated beauty station) to change into a fluffy robe and flip flops. 

Our 'Summer Renew' treatment began with a traditional Lulur scrub, applied with gentle pressure to exfoliate the skin and prepare it for the moisturising wrap. Left on the skin for 30 minutes before being rinsed off in a private bathroom attached to the treatment area, you are then wrapped in a deliciously fragrant Shea Butter body mask. Once you're covered from head-to-toe, the heating pad underneath the treatment bed is turned on and your therapist will then tuck you in to the warm coccoon while you breathe in relaxing essential oils placed under the bed. 

The outdoor pool

The Spa boasts world-class facilities including an outdoor pool area

The final step on your journey is a deeply invigorating massage, completed with your preferred pressure, that further allows the rich Shea Butter to sink deeper into the skin, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and revived with silky soft skin. Post-pampering, our therapist gently coaxed us out of the treatment space and into the relaxation hub of the spa to experience the dedicated spa pool, rainforest showers, steam room and other state-of-the-art amenities that cement the spa as one of the leading wellness destinations in the city. 

Summer Renew, 90 mins, Dhs650 per person,