Sama Al Wasmi

BY Elaine Lloyd-Jones / Nov 27 2017 / 19:53 PM

35, Kuwaiti

Sama Al Wasmi

Having served on fashion’s frontline for over a decade, working for a cross-section of brands from Topshop to Alaïa, fashion is a way of life for Sama. She’s also completely fearless when it comes to experimenting with style, “I live with no filter in my style or my personality,” she tells Bazaar. Describing her style as Florida’s Boca Raton-meets-Kuwait, Sama’s first flirtations with fashion were through her sister, who has always been a huge influence in her life. “She is five years older and  I worshipped her growing up,” she tells us. “One of the things she loved to do was dress me up in my mum’s Oscar de la Renta gowns, complete with wigs and full-on make-up. I just became obsessed with how clothes can change everything about your mood.”

Sama now boasts her own enviable wardrobe,  “I change maybe eight times a day” she laughs. “I don’t like staying in one outfit all day. It stresses me out.” Amongst the reams of clothes, with brands ranging from Dries Van Noten – “he is a genius and makes things that inspire me and are the perfect visual representation of the kind of woman I am” – to Razan Alazzouni and Delpozo, are a few really special pieces. One of her favourite items is a pearl beaded S/S16 Dries top, “It’s just so simple and beautiful at the same time,” she muses, before swiftly moving onto a pair of taffeta cobalt Tome trousers, which she can’t stop wearing, “they’re like a modern day petticoat.” An Olympia Le-Tan ‘Dracula’ clutch, which was a gift from her husband, is one of her more prized and sentimental pieces. “It’s super special for me because not only was Bram Stoker’s Dracula one of my favourite books of all time, but my husband is just so sweet and kind, and it represents how lucky I am to have married such a thoughtful human being,” she smiles.

Sama Al Wasmi

Despite loose claims that she’s on a shopping hiatus at the moment, Sama admits to the recent purchase of an Acne vegan leather jacket, while a Nadine Ghosn cheeseburger ring is still on her wish list. “I love Moda Operandi for finding new designers. I love how it has the most amazing Arab designers like Liudmila.” And even though she once spent “three hours in the Alaïa shop in Paris just trying everything on,” she insists that Tokyo is “hands down the best place in the world” to shop. “I have been four times and every time I go I must dedicate two full days to shopping.”

Despite a worldly outlook, there’s no place like home. It’s here in Kuwait that Farah feels completely at ease with her experimental style, “I get five million per cent more elegant, and I can be more daring here. Imagine walking around Bali with a pair of Dries Van Noten velvet pants and Balenciaga dad sneakers,” she laughs.

Sama Al Wasmi wears: Shirt, KWD121, Bouguessa at Bloomingdale’s - Kuwait. Shoes, trousers, earrings, her own