Anjum Hatamleh

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 28 2016 / 17:21 PM

Jordanian, 32

Anjum Hatamleh
Anjum Hatamleh

Anjum Hatamleh wears jacket, shorts and belt, all Sonia Rykiel at . Valentino shoes, her own

“I know it may sound clichéd, but I really feel Queen Rania is a style icon for female empowerment. I’m yet to find someone who carries herself with such charisma, flawlessness and grace. And she really works. She’s not just a decorative queen, she has real responsibilities in the Kingdom.” Anjum Hatamleh is talking about her ultimate style icon, and for the digital marketing manager, the honour involves so much more than having a great wardrobe. “She has to take action and engage and be active. She’s done so much to empower women.”

It’s a theme that weaves its way through Anjum’s everyday life. Balancing a busy career and two young sons – Adam is three and Sami is 19 months – Anjum says that while the balancing act can sometimes be more of a juggle, keeping those balls in the air is a huge achievement. “Some of the most challenging moments have been in having two children, who are extremely young, and still managing to be successful at my career, and to succeed in something that I’ve only started recently, which is gymnastics. I feel extremely proud to be able to do all these things, and to do them well. It’s not easy and it’s not perfect, but it works. A lot of women feel they have to give up one for the other, but you shouldn’t have to choose. They just need the right support system.”

Another achievement not to be dismissed is Anjum’s collection of shoes and wardrobe of black dresses. “I collect them,” she laughs of the latter. Her favourite though, is a vintage LBD she found in a little boutique in London. “It was so simple, but the material is what made it so wonderful,” she says. “The bodice was perforated and the skirt was just above the knee. I wore it to an event and there was no one who didn’t ask about it. They all wanted to know the brand, and were trying to guess, but it really didn’t have a brand, it was just a gorgeous dress from a side street in London.”

Refusing to save herself time in the mornings by selecting an outfit the night before (“My outfit choice is dependent on my mood and so I don’t know what that will be until the morning”), Anjum says fashion and style run far deeper than the clothes you choose to wear, “It’s the most versatile form of expression. You can be anything you want.”

Photography: Richard Hall. Styling: Charlotte Blair. Hair: Maria for Soh Art + Beauty.  Make-up: Sarah-Jane Thompson for Shiseido. Location: Arabian Nights Village