Dalia Nsouli

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 28 2016 / 17:47 PM

Lebanese/American, 29

Dalia Nsouli
Dalia Nsouli
Dalia Nsouli wears Rosie Assoulin top; Marques Almeida jeans; Oscar de la Renta shoes; and jewellery, all Dalia’s own

“Mix but never match,” says Dalia Nsouli. It’s her style mantra and one that has served her well. “My style is always changing, never constant, but always clashing,” she adds. “It’s very liberating to not conform, as the freedom makes you more creative. You allow yourself to explore, make mistakes, and learn, until you find your own style.”

The corporate banker is quite sure her quirky sense of style was fostered when she was a small child. “I never let anyone pick my outfits as a kid, and my parents gave me the freedom to explore my own style. Pictures of me as a child clearly show I was allowed to dress myself!” she laughs, reminiscing.

Along with her husband, Dalia plans four overseas vacations per year, and uses the opportunity to find unusual pieces to add to her collection. “My main aim when travelling is to try to source new and local designers from the country I’m in – it just makes your wardrobe that much richer and more unique.” From Argentina, it was a fur coat, and a recent trip to Korea saw Dalia experiment with the K-Pop trend. “I make a point to shop at local boutiques and markets instead of department stores,” she says. But that’s not to say the Doha resident doesn’t also have an appreciation for high-end fashion. “JW Anderson is so different from the pack, Rosie Assoulin is bold and loud, and I love the way Dries Van Noten clashes all his pieces,” she says.

While Dalia admits to making the odd fashion faux pas (“But only in retrospect”), she’s adamant that garnering an individual style trumps following popular trends. “It’s a shame that we tend to wait to be told what’s ‘in’ instead of developing our own sense of style,” she laments, before adding that her husband is a big fan of her non-trend take on fashion. “I think he appreciates the confidence it takes,” she smiles. “My friends do too, they often ask my advice on what they should wear or buy next.”

Photography: Richard Hall. Styling: Charlotte Blair. Words: Kerrie Simon-Lawrence. Hair: Marissa for Soh Art + Beauty. Location: Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach