Fatma Husam

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 28 2016 / 19:14 PM

Emirati, 21

Fatma Husam
Fatma Husam
Fatma Husam wears her own design top and skirt. Vintage Chanel belt and bag at The Vintage Shop Dubai. Christian Louboutin shoes

Fatma Husam may have a thing for high heels (“No matter how many I have, it’s never enough!”), but her feet are planted firmly on the ground when it comes to study and her career. Completing her final year at Emirates Aviation University in Dubai, the 21-year-old will graduate this semester with a BBA in Aviation Manager, which will allow Fatma to work in any business aspect regarding airlines. “I chose this major because I’ve always wanted to stand out,” Fatma smiles. “When I graduated from high school and started visiting universities, it felt like all the majors were the same. When I heard of this, it caught my attention.”

Clearly, fading into the background isn’t Fatma’s style. That notion was proven at Arab Fashion Week last November, when Fatma arrived in a yellow and white bisht. And to ensure her outfit was one of a kind, she made it herself. “I worked on it for three weeks, and it had so much detailing in it,” she recalls. “It was a unique outfit, and everyone there loved it.”

Putting her own spin on a look has become a bit of a trademark for Fatma, who admits to altering the pieces she buys, keen to put her own style-stamp on what she wears. “I’m always at my tailor, adding or removing parts of the piece,” she says. “For example, if I were to buy a jacket, I might see it being nicer if it had no sleeves, or was a little sorter. I’ll take it to the tailor and put my twist on it.” The result – an ever-changing, original wardrobe.

Asked what her style mantra is, Fatma is clear, “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

Photography: Richard Hall. Styling: Charlotte Blair. Words: Kerrie Simon-Lawrence