All That Glitters: Jewels By Payal

BY Alexandra Venison / Mar 1 2017 / 20:58 PM

A look at some of some of the stunning pieces from Payal

All That Glitters: Jewels By Payal

Effortless glamour meets bespoke couture jewellery for Payal New York. Created by Payal Mehta, her unique approach to design is inspired by her knowledge and life spent surround by jewellery. Having studied maths, physics, art history and metal work, Payal approaches each of her pieces with both an artistic and scientific approach. From New York to Dubai her limited edition collections are treasured by her customers and industry peers alike.   

Payal Mehta

"I wanted to design jewellery with a personality. Pieces that made a bold statement, are elegant, wearable and most importantly, effortless." Payal Mehta

"Creating jewellery as wearable works of art fulfils my sense of purpose. Form follows function in everything I do." Payal Mehta