Bridal Fashion | Why Ezgi Cinar Should Be On The Radar Of Every Bride-To-Be

BY Nina Catt / Apr 26 2020 / 07:00 AM

Renowned for fashion-forward demi-couture, the Turkish-born designer's first foray into bespoke bridal wear inspires a new vision of modernity

Bridal Fashion | Why Ezgi Cinar Should Be On The Radar Of Every Bride-To-Be

Ultra-modern in her approach, Ezgi Cinar’s eponymous label is celebrated for its feminine opulence and artistically informed aesthetic. Marrying Swiss cool with her Turkish roots, the designer makes up her own rules when it comes to her namesake brand…

Please tell us about the inception of your label?
I always had the desire to launch my own brand. My background is in the craft of couture tailoring. After completing my education, I gained extensive experience through various positions at international luxury brands. I launched my own label, Ezgi Cinar in 2016 when Swiss fashion success stories were even rarer than they are today. That lack of predecessors gave me the extra incentive and willpower to succeed.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
2019 was the breakthrough year for Ezgi Cinar when it comes to global brand recognition. From Katy Perry to Madonna, many celebrities chose my brand for red-carpet events and music videos. My pieces were also used on international magazine covers. Seeing your own garments on such artists is a really proud moment — and is definitely my biggest achievement.


Who is the Ezgi Cinar woman?
Ezgi Cinar is dedicated to the woman who refuses to follow fashion rules and prefers to make her own.

What inspired you to branch out into bridal wear?
Over time, I have received an increasing number of requests from private clients asking me for modern wedding dresses with a touch of “princess”. My roots are in couture tailoring where rich materials and delicate applications are essentials, so it was a natural addition to my brand and a great honour for me to contribute to such a meaningful event in women’s lives. And so, Ties the Knot by Ezgi Cinar was born. It is exclusively available on a made-to-order basis. Every gown is bespoke and is as unique as the woman who chooses to wear it.


What bridal trend do you think will last forever?
As simple as it sounds, I expect white to last forever.

How has social media impacted the way that brides select a gown?
Social media is the most inspirational and accessible tool for brides-to-be today. Women now have a clearer idea of what they want to wear. Inspiration is everywhere and social media is supportive in the decision-making process.

Can you tell us a little more about your relationship with the Middle East?
Born in Turkey and currently splitting my time between Istanbul and Zurich, the Middle East is in my genes and has a special place in my heart. I love the opulence and the quality of fabrics, the beauty of its nature and finally, I adore the people.


Which Middle Eastern woman would you most like to see wear your pieces?
Karen Wazen. I find her the perfect mix of modern, yet traditional. She has so much style.

What is your mission statement?
To highlight every woman’s beauty with Ezgi Cinar.

What’s next for your brand?
A selected, exclusive, yet broader presence. We have been growing our team so please stay tuned…

Images courtesy of Ezgi Cinar