The Trends | Modernity From Milan 2015

BY Harper's Bazaar Interiors / Oct 22 2015 / 20:08 PM

Bazaar Interiors looks back at the trends from Salone del Mobile earlier this year. The show may be over, but these designs will have a lasting effect...

The Trends | Modernity From Milan 2015
The Bourollec Stampa
The Trends | Modernity From Milan 2015
Lasvit's kinetic installation, Supernova
The Trends | Modernity From Milan 2015
Gandia Blasco's flat series
The Trends | Modernity From Milan 2015
Organic coffee tables from Flou's Iko

ROSY GLOWS: Copper continued to shine at the Salone, held in April earlier this year. The king of copper, Tom Dixon, mixed it up with a combination of yellow gold and rose copper collections for a brilliant clash of metals, melting the rule book of ‘either or’ for the coming year.

THE COLOUR CODE: Why settle for one block colour or smooth gradients when you can pack a punch with a pixelated palette of the whole colour spectrum. No colour is off-season this year. Such frivolity pairs well with a retro revival of the 1960s, an era that followed the post-war regeneration of the ‘50s and embraced freedom, creativity and individuality in full swing.

FLOOR IT: Unlike last years en-vogue Moorish leanings, trust star designer India Madahvi when she tells you the future of our floors belongs to geometric prints with a retro feel.

A STITCH IN TIME:  Embroideries, block-prints and updated weaving techniques… When it comes to soft furnishings, the arts and crafts movement has seen nothing short of a revival. In the hands of new-age design stars like Patricia Urquiola and Nada Debs, handicrafts are making a claim for glory in mainstream, contemporary design.

NATURE’S CALL: From minerals to metals to hides, tune into the call of the wild with stellar designs set to Mother Earth’s riches. Brandish natural marbles, blonde woods and bamboo-based fabrics with clean-cut metallic accents for a timeless look.

ECO DESIGN: Eco design and the use of recycled materials has emerged as one of the strongest design trends of 2015. The Campana Brothers are pioneers in this area, making furniture out of materials such as recycled cardboard, rope, cloth and wood scraps since the 1980s. For Louis Vuitton’s new Objet Nomades collection, they used leather cut-offs to create Maracatu, a portable shelving cabinet that can be hung in any environment. The design is meant to evoke the colourful and flamboyant folk costumes worn in the state of Pernambuco in Brazil, and shows us just how stunning discarded objects can be when beautifully repurposed.

TAKE THE INDOORS OUT: While it’s nothing new for us desert dwellers, in Europe the concept of bringing the indoors outside is really taking off. Gandia Blasco has championed this look for eight editions of Milan’s Salone with contemporary living spaces in neutral colours that let nature come to the fore. Crisp whites, natural woods and a hint to the cool shapes of the ‘60s is evident in their most recent outdoor furniture collection.

TAKE A SEAT: We’re over flouncy chairs, big poufy cushions and excessive detailing. The way forward is looking back – to the mid-century-modern designs of cantilevered seats, slanted legs and bevelled edges. At the Salone, the Bourollec brothers combined the calyx-shaped shell reminiscent of 1950s’ wicker-back telephone chairs with modern metal manufacturing methods to create a sturdy yet delicate-looking Bourollec Stampa armchair for Kettal.

THE LIGHT FANTASTIC: Moving light-years ahead of the LED, the latest lighting trend lies in integrating cutting-edge technology to create unrivalled experiences. From the clearest bohemian glass refracting light into dazzlingly rainbows, to intuitive movements that transform lighting installations into breathing pieces of art, Supernova by LASVIT does it all.

Words: Pratyush Sarup. This article first appeared in Harper's Bazaar Interiors April/May 2015