End Of An Era: Ralph Lauren Steps Down

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Sep 30 2015 / 04:00 AM

He'll remain on as chief creative officer, but pass chief executive duties to Stefan Larsson

End Of An Era: Ralph Lauren Steps Down

Ralph Lauren announced today that he will be stepping down as CEO of his company, handing the executive reins over to Stefan Larsson, who was previously the global president of Old Navy. Lauren has been at the helm as both chief executive and designer for nearly half a century, since the company's founding in 1967, so the importance of this announcement to the industry can't easily be overstated.

The man is an icon of American fashion, and created one of the most important brands to ever come out of the United States. For fans who are freaking out right now, you can breathe a small sigh of relief: Lauren will stay on as executive chairman and chief creative officer. 

Via Harper’s Bazaar US