Hats Off: Eres x Maison Michel

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Oct 5 2015 / 19:05 PM

It's equal parts femme fatale and belle du jour, you know...

Hats Off: Eres x Maison Michel
Eres x Maison Michel
Hats Off: Eres x Maison Michel
Eres' Honoré bodysuit

When two long-established Parisian fashion houses come together, it usually results in something chic. Case in point: the collaboration of lingerie brand Eres and millinery house Maison Michel.

Since 1934, Maison Michel (now owned by Chanel) has been producing stylish headpieces—you've probably seen them in the form of lace bunny eared headbands or rabbit-felt fedoras topping the heads of street style favourites. Eres has been well versed in the concept of veiling and unveiling since 1998, when the company launched their line of elegant swimwear in subdued colors—so it makes perfect sense that the collaboration comes in the form of a slightly futuristic wide-brimmed hat made of Calais lace.

"For us this collaboration represented a rendezvous between two houses with unique savoir faire," said Maire Paule Minchelli, designer for Eres. "We wanted to put the emphasis on the intricacy of our lace with pieces that blur the line between lingerie and ready to wear - such as our Honoré bodysuit."

Think of it as a much more wearable and lighter version of Balenciaga's space age hat circa S/S08 blended with J.W. Anderson's floppy hat of S/S15 that sparked aspirational Instagam posts around the world. It's equal parts femme fatale and belle du jour. The piece was inspired by Eres' Honoré bodysuit and made of the same fabric. The soft lines of the headpiece, which extend far beyond the neck and over the shoulder, give it that cape-like look of the moment, too. Win, win.

The Eres x Maison Michel hat can be purchased at all Eres boutiques.