The Knowledge: Let's Get Things Straight

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Oct 18 2015 / 03:49 AM

The facts and stats behind your beloved GHD hair stylers

The Knowledge: Let's Get Things Straight
GHD Platinum in Limited Edition Pink, Dhs895

With the recent unveiling of what GHD describes as the "greatest launch" since the debut of its first straightener; the highly anticipated GHD Platinum claims to curl and straighten in equal measure, a new hero product to know about that is no longer simply a ‘straightener’, but rather a ‘styler’. Behold, the addition of ability to add a tousled wave, create a tighter curl or straighten locks. The slimmer, lighter model has three heat-spots under each panel (whereas older versions have just one), which means they heat up quicker and you can style your tresses easily. While most women own or have owned GHDs, few know about the work and relentless testing that goes on behind the scenes. Here are five facts that you didn’t know about your GHDs:

  • At the Research and Development Centre in Cambridge in England, there are over 200 robots testing the stylers and hairdryers. There is also a climate-controlled room where the effects of temperate and humidity on hair is tested. 
  • The 'Big Bertha’ is a robot that tests 196 stylers in one go. The machine turns them on, lets them heat up, leaves them on for three minutes and then turns them off while blasting cold air at the plates to try to create a thermal shock. 
  • Stylers are dropped from various heights onto different surfaces over 50,000 times to test durability. (We wouldn’t recommend trying this at home, though.) 
  • The new GHD Platinum stylers have been tested for a staggering 166,000 hours. 
  • When GHD was designing the Aura hairdryer, it had to create a huge machine to measure air flow and temperature to fine tune the design and make sure the air was focused to generate shine. 

Via Harper's Bazaar UK