The New Name To Know: Magdalena Butrym

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 24 2016 / 17:33 PM

We take five minutes with the designer in Paris

The New Name To Know: Magdalena Butrym

Without knowing it, you've probably seen Magdalena Butrym's pieces on Instagram or in street style photographs. The designer is bringing handmade details to a discerning fashion audience straight from craftsman in Poland and she's doing it in a way that feels ineffably current. See what's in store for autumn/winter from this designer who wears her own wares as well as any of the bloggers currently falling hard for her.

Harper’s Bazaar: So how did you get your start?

Magdalena Butrym: I'm from south of Poland, and I came to Warsaw about 11 years ago. I started to study costume in design school. At the beginning of school, I started working as a stylist for some celebrities in Poland. And then I was working for regional companies, designing. I always wanted to open my company with my own name, but I was searching for an idea that would be different from other brands. I was thinking I wanted to hand-make pieces — hand-crafted in Poland — and would combine them with modern fashion and trends. I launched the company two years ago — this is my fourth collection. And this is our third time in Paris. In the beginning, we had maybe four meetings, now it's like 63! It's going really well.

HB: Tell me about what you had in mind for Autumn/Winter…

MB: This collection was inspired by the romantic punk. So you get a bit of feminine romantic ruffles, but I mixed it with some rock and roll, subcultural things, with leather, fringe — 80s style jackets, coats, with big oversized arms.

When I first saw this dress my heart literally stopped. Last night after @lanvinofficial in @magdabutrym. Ph @the9nines

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HB: You've quickly become a blogger favourite, what have been the effects of that — why is social media so important to a new brand now?

MB: I think it's important because, you know, some of the biggest stores like Le Bon Marcheand some of the most well-known bloggers find us on Instagram. It's so amazing and such a great opportunity for a new brand. When people come here, they really have to like it to post it. And really just having people talk about it and spread the word is the best thing!

HB: What are some of your personal favourites in this collection?

MB: The oversized leather jacket! Because it's quite soft, but still very oversized and light. And I love the printed oversized blazer dress. I also like the idea of ruffles, because it's so romantic but when you pair it with vintage jeans you can make it super modern and cool.

HB: Have you always done denim? The jeans are very cool and quite different. 

MB: No, this is my second time. You know, it needs to be special, because there are so many companies that make them. Yeah quite different, one thing I don't like now in denim is the stretch — the Lycra. And this one is like the old denim, more stiff, so it's not stretch but I still think that women look better and it fits better. So this pair is high waist, wider leg. The first pair I did that people loved were what I call the mamas — super high-waisted, carrot-style. So I thought, I'll make two!

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HB: How do you see the Magda Butrym girl? Tell me about her…

MB: My girl is the girl that has things to do, that likes to have fun. She's searching for pieces that have soul. I think that handmade pieces have something unique, something different. She doesn't overthink what she's wearing. And I just I like to make pieces that I like, I always wear them — and I think they're good to have in your closet. It's not about just one season, they're meant to be collected.

HB: Is there anyone you would really love to see in your clothes?

MB: Yeah! Like Daria Werbowy. I have such thing for her, she's so amazing, she's a rock 'n' roll angel, I really like her — she's the woman I'd love to work with!

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